Name not available volume mixer

Hi, I"m having actually a bit of a trouble... I think. I"ve newly noticed "Name Not Available" showing up in the Volume Mixer, and am unsure of what it is. After doing some study online, all outcomes I could discover say something along the lines of "it"s malware/adware and also is exceptionally dangerous" or something prefer that. However before among these results it was stated that other people that have had this worry have actually likewise had actually sound being played in the background, generally in the form of radio or advertisements, which I am not experiencing.

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 I am uncertain of whether or not this thing is dangerous, but my paranoia dictates that I remove it. Any help would certainly be appreciated.

Also, I"m utilizing Windows 10, in case that helps.



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Posted March 12, 2016


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Posted March 12, 2016



They speak to me TwinHeadedEagle roughly here, and I"ll try to aid your via your problem.


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