My xbox 360 controller keeps turning off

Tbelow is nopoint more frustrating then seeing the dreaded "Please reattach controller" message as soon as you"re in the middle of a big game or epic quest. While tright here are a couple of factors why your controller may be turning off, the fixes are mostly basic. If the controller lights won"t revolve on you"ll need to resolve an problem through the battery. If the controller lights revolve on however the controller won"t affix to the Xbox reliably, then skip ahead to strategy two. And if you"re all out of choices, inspect out method 3.

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Fixing Battery and also Power Issues

Remove the battery packs and also batteries. Dead batteries are by far the a lot of widespread reason a controller transforms off. Push the tiny button on the optimal of the battery pack to remove it and also slide out the batteries.Recharge the controller if you are using a reusable battery fill. Many rechargeable battery packs either plug right into the Xbox via a USB cable or come through a small charging station. Plug in your battery load and wait 1-3 hours prior to trying the controller again.If you are utilizing the cable chargers, make certain you rotate your Xbox on initially.When attached via the charging cable you might store playing your Xbox 360.Use a light to check the metal contacts at the bottom of the battery fill. If you still cannot obtain your controller to stay on, make certain that the metal contacts at the bottom are not dirty or rusted. If they are, you"ll need to clean them or buy a brand-new battery fill.Secure your battery pack if it is loose or jiggling. If you controller disconnects every time it rumbles or shakes, your battery pack might be loose. While the most basic method to solve this is to buy a new one, you deserve to additionally usage tape the secure it tightly to the ago of your controller.

Removing Connection Interferences

Rebegin your console and reaffix your controller. Turn your Xbox off and wait 5 secs prior to turning it back on. When it boots up, reattach your controller by performing the following steps:Press and hold the center "X" button to revolve the controller on.Press and also release the "connect" switch on the front of your Xbox consingle. It is a little switch underneath the "Open Disc Tray" button.Within 20 secs, push the "Connect" button on your controller. It is on the top of the controller beside the battery fill.Know that wireless devices could interfere through your controller. While Xbox controllers commonly reach over 30 ft, this array can be endangered by other machines that emit radio waves. Rerelocate wireless tools from in between you and also the Xbox to develop a better link. Machines that might interfere via your controller include:MicrowavesCordmuch less phonesWireless RoutersRemove physical barriers in between you and also the Xbox. While the wireless signal may pass conveniently through some materials, it can have trouble broadcasting via steel, chrome dividers, entertainment console doors, or shelves.Try placing your Xbox on the floor and connecting a controller from cshed array to make certain it can still attach without any interference.Make sure tright here are not already 4 controllers associated. The Xbox 360 have the right to only accept four controllers at a time, so your wireless controller will certainly not connect if tright here are already 4 controllers attached.This includes wired controllers, so detach those then try to reconnect.You deserve to quickly disconnect controllers by rerelocating the battery pack or rebeginning the Xbox.Relocation your controller. If you understand the batteries are good and also you"ve tried rerelocating all possible interferences, you might have to buy a brand-new controller. Call the Xbox Service Center to view if you are eligible for a free replacement.Your console have to be registered with Microsoft to be eligible for a replacement.

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Reestablishing your Xbox 360

If you are still having actually trouble you must recollection your Xbox. While not a recommfinished fix by Microsoft, some world have had success "rebooting" their Xbox"s controller set-up. Know, yet, that you must contact Microsoft Support before trying this.These tips come from numerous virtual areas and also forums, not Microsoft straight.Hold the "sync" switch on the front of the Xbox for 30 secs. Make certain the Xbox is on. The lights on the front of the Xbox will battach and spin, yet inevitably turn off. Hold the button till the lights are off.Unplug every little thing. Take out the power cord from the wall and the Xbox, rerelocate the inputs, and also detach the Xbox tough drive from the console.Wait 5 minutes prior to turning everything earlier on. After you"ve waited, plug everything back in and also try to attach your controller making use of the measures disputed in strategy 2.If you still cannot connect controllers, you"ll must comment on the trouble via Microsoft and potentially get a replacement Xbox 360.


To save money on batteries you deserve to use rechargeable alkaline batteries in your controllers. These have to be recharged independently from the controller yet.

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Do not bend the metal contacts in the batter load, as it might undermine or break them.Kcurrently that, while periodically efficient, DIY fixes and also adjustments to the battery load might void your warranty.Do not use a charging cable with normal AA batteries or a non-compatible charging fill.