My computer monitor keeps going to sleep

I have hp pavilion a1747c Deskoptimal through a HP 22" LCD monitor. The various other day when I powered on my computerI heard itstarted up then I turned my monitor on and also a box poped up on the display that said no signal input then really fast an additional message pops up that states monitor going to sleep and also I have tried every little thing to wake it up and also nothing. I had to hold down the power button to shut dvery own my computer system and I tried hooking my pc up to 2 various monitors and also still the samepoint happens. Also when I connect the power cord to my pc then plug it right into the wall outlet it immediately strats up by itself. HELP PLEASE
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Praseetha K
Replied on January 12, 2010

Hi racingrapid,

Windows opens up, however after a while the monitor display screens the message

Most likely the computer system has gone into sleep mode. To bring the computer out of sleep mode, use the complying with steps:

You might attempt the following measures and also examine whether you deserve to fix the problem.

Method 1: To bring the computer system out of sleep mode1. Move the mouse or push the Spacebar.

2. If the computer system does not wake, push the keyboard Suspend switch. You may must press the Suspend button on the key-board twice (the suspfinish button has actually an icon that looks prefer a quarter moon).

3. If the computer system still does not wake, push the Power button on the computer system instance for one second and also release.

4. If the monitor does not wake, rebegin the computer system and also rotate off suspfinish mode:

NOTE: Turning off suspfinish mode does not deal with the difficulty, however it will aid you recognize if the difficulty is concerned suspend mode or somepoint else. Steps for Windows Vista :

a. Wait until the difficult drive task light on the computer system is not lit and then push and hold the Power switch on the computer system situation until the computer system turns off.

b. Wait 5 secs and also then rotate on the computer system by pushing the power button aacquire.

c. ClickStart, Control Panel, System and also Maintenance, and also then clickPower Options.

d. SelectHigh performance, and then click Change arrangement settings.

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e. Change thesettings to Never.

f. Click theSave changes switch to accept the changes, and then rebegin the computer.

5. Use the computer system through the power settings turned off to watch if the message continues.

• If the message opens after a software regimen is opened, such as when founding a game, the software is forcibly altering the screen resolution to a mode that is not supported by the computer and monitor. Do not use the software or change its video settings.• If the message opens after certain period of time when the computer system is not in use, the difficulty is many likely being caused by a display saver. Turn off the screen saver to view that the problem no longer proceeds.If the over measures don’t job-related, then you may refer the adhering to HP assistance link and try the procedures provided: 2:Also make sure that the Display adapter is as much as date.

1. Open Device Manager by clicking theStart button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and also Maintenance and then clicking Device Manager.‌

If you are triggered for an administrator password or confirmation, kind the password or provide confirmation.

2. In Device Manager, locateDisplay Adapter you desire to update and also then double-click the tool name.

3. Click theDriver tab and then click Upday Driver and follow the instructions.

Update a driver for hardware that isn"t working properly

You may additionally refer the Manufacturer’s website and downfill the latest chauffeurs.

Hope this indevelopment is beneficial.

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