Multi colored screen of death

Okay eincredibly time I begin up my computer system I gain to the start up then my screen goes right into a multi-coloured display that looks prefer a 50"s kitchen table top and also I need to hard boot my computer system many times prior to I can obtain it to work-related what is going on I wish you never before removed Windows XP as that was the only difficulty that operated why execute I feel Windows 10 is an additional rip off and is making Windows 8./1 look like a superior program?????
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This worry could take place because of incompatible or corrupted device vehicle drivers. Let’s try to follow these techniques listed below which deserve to aid us resolving this issue.

Method 1: Check in safe mode and clean boot mode of the computer

Tip 1: Check inSafe mode

Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer system in a minimal state. Only the basic records and also chauffeurs vital to run Windows are began. The wordsSafe Modeappear in the corners of your monitor to recognize which Windows mode you"re utilizing.

Follow the measures given below and also check if that helps.

I would imply you to attempt the same inSafemode via networking.

Refer:Change startup settings in Windows 10

If the concern doesn’t occur in safe mode, follow step 2.

Step 2:PerformClean Boot

Placing your system in Clean Boot state helps in identifying if any third party applications or startup items are leading to the issue. You should follow the procedures from the post mentioned listed below to percreate a Clean Boot.

How to percreate a “clean boot” in Windows

Refer to Windows 8.1 steps, as they are applicable to Windows 10.

Note:Refer "How to reset the computer system to start generally after clean boot troubleshooting" to reset the computer to start as normal after troubleshooting.

Method 2: Upday display/graphic adapter driver.

Step 1: Check for the latest driver upday through Windows Updates.

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At the Start display, typeWindows Update.Click or tapSettingson the right side of the display, and also then selectInstalloptional updates from the left results.When theWindows Updatemanage panel opens, click on “Check for Updates” on the top left edge to receive a fresh list of updates.

Incompatible or not appropriately mounted graphics card vehicle drivers are the the majority of prevalent cause of this concern.

Step 2: Follow the measures listed below to upday the graphics/display screen motorists.

PressWindows + Xcrucial on the keyboard.Go todevice manager.Right-click yourdisplay/graphic gadgets.ClickUpdate Driver Softwareand also then follow the actions in the wizard that shows up.

Restart the computer system and examine.

Method 3: Perform SFC scan

I would certainly suggest you to performSFC scanand also inspect if that helps. Thesfc/scannowcommand also scans all protected mechanism records and reareas incorrect versions with correct versions. It is a utility in Windows that permits customers to scan for corruptions in Windows mechanism documents and reclaim corrupted files.

Refer the link:Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted device files

Refer to Windows 8.1 steps, as they are applicable to Windows 10.

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Please reply us via these information and also the existing standing of your computer we will certainly be happy to aid you additionally.