Msi laptop keys not working

If you are dealing with the MSI Keyboard Not Working trouble, you will sucount deal with it by going through this write-up.

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MSI is a branded firm that creates gaming desktops and laptops. Video Game lovers choose to usage these units for a good experience while playing video & animated games.

Though MSI Laptops or PCs are the finest ones, it troubles us because of assorted problems. One such difficulty that users encounter is MSI Keyboard Not Working.

The key-board of the mechanism falls short bereason of multiple reasons. If you are the one who is looking for tips to fix the error, then follow the methods given listed below.


Basic Troubleshooting StepsSteps To Fix MSI Keyboard Not Working IssueFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MSI Keyboard Not Working: Problem Overview

MSI is a multinational company that produces gaming Computers, laptop computers, and various other commodities. For video game users, it is the best system to play without any kind of disturbances.

The wonderful user interface and also graphics of the MSI laptop computers enhance the gaming suffer. They feel thrilling while playing racing, animated, and also other kinds of games.

But in some cases, the user will challenge keyboard problems. When pressing the secrets on your keyboard, it will certainly not present on the screen. Mainly a particular set of secrets does not occupational, such as R, C, F, Backroom, and others.

This problem is confronted by many kind of MSI customers, and also it is not a major trouble. But it has to be fixed automatically whenever encounters on your mechanism.

That’s why we came up through this short article. You have the right to get all those wonderful fixes that deserve to fix the MSI Keyboard Not Working worry.

Before that, you can check-out the reasons for the event of this keyboard issue.

Usage of expired Keyboard driversDamaged KeyboardBattery OverheatingConnection concerns in between motherboard and keyboardVirus-infected items on your system

Tright here might be any kind of among the factors for this MSI Keyboard Not Working worry. Regardless of the cause, you deserve to solve it by making use of the below-provided approaches.


MSI Keyboard Not Working: Related Problems

Tbelow are some other difficulties that are concerned this MSI Keyboard Not Working. You have the right to check-out them in this section, in addition to the solutions.

MSI Steelseries Keyboard Not Detected: In order to deal with the error, you need to uninstall the key-board chauffeurs and also reinstall it again on your lappeak. Also, you can settle it by updating the vehicle drivers via the latest versions. Scanning the COMPUTER with an antivirus deserve to solve this trouble.MSI Keyboard Color Not Working: The user have the right to deal with the keyboard color not working by boosting the brightness. If the error still shows up, then do update the SSE software program on your laptop. Didn’t uncover any changes? Then reinstall the SSE software.MSI GS65 Keyboard Backlight Not Working: Open the MSI official website and also reinstall the latest version of series engine 3 on your lapheight. You have the right to solve the issue by reverting Windows 10 to the previous version. Don’t worry! The listed below troubleshooting actions additionally fix this error.MSI Per Key RGB Keyboard Not Working: First of all, check the shade screen of your MSI Laptop. If it works properly, then examine the insulating skin of the power cord. When none of the methods deal with the error, exchange the lapheight with a brand-new one.MSI Keyboard Not Working Windows 10: Many of the users usage Windows 10 as the default operating system. So, follow the standard and progressed troubleshooting approaches in this write-up to deal with the worries. Those are additionally applicable to the Windows 7 and also Windows 8 versions.MSI SteelSeries Keyboard Not Lighting Up: Even after making use of the software application to turn on the lights, if it does not job-related, then adjust the brightness settings. Check whether you are utilizing updated SSE software application. If not, instantly upday it with the new edition.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps

In the first instance, you have to follow the standard troubleshooting approaches. These methods could settle the MSI Keyboard Not Working error. Execute the procedure as we provide to avoid any mistakes.

Sometimes, you deserve to solve a couple of kinds of errors with straightforward methods. Whether it is because of software program or hardware, following the fundamental troubleshooting technique deserve to resolve it.

That’s why we suggest the individuals who are facing MSI Keyboard Not Working deserve to solve it by restarting the device. We are not certain whether it will help you or not. But percreating this task takes less than 2 minutes.

Tbelow are multiple means to reboot the MSI laptop. They are:

Click the Windows or Start Menu and also choose the Rebegin alternative under the Power icon.


Press Alt and F4 secrets to view the Shutdown wizard. Select the Restart option from the drop-down list.

Due to dust particulars and also some various other concerns, the keyboard does not work well. While typing on the key-board, some secrets will job-related effectively. But a couple of of them perform not display on the display screen also after pressing the secrets repeatedly.

Before going to additionally procedure, make certain that the inbuilt key-board works or not. To inspect that, connect the exterior key-board to the lappeak. Now, form the keys on the removable keyboard. See whether the tricks are shown on the lapoptimal display screen.

If the exterior keyboard works perfectly, then the difficulty is with the linked one. That’s why clean the keyboard nicely. You deserve to also clean it utilizing the tiny vacuum keyboard cleaner.

Using the key-board for long hours reasons the battery to overwarmth. If there any type of worries with the battery, we challenge this MSI Keyboard Not Working error.

By turning off the laptop for some time, we deserve to resolve the overheating difficulty. Also, plug the additional RAM so that the lapheight runs without any type of battery concerns.

In situation if the battery is excellent, then it might be some other factor for this error. Follow the below sections to recognize the advanced methods that deserve to fix the key-board not functioning concern.



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Steps To Fix MSI Keyboard Not Working Issue

If none of the basic tips and tricks provided above will solve the trouble, then use these most-wanted approaches.

Upday the Keyboard Driver

Hardware components work-related only when we usage the compatible chauffeurs. If the vehicle drivers are expired, or the tool gets infected via the virus, then we challenge hardware issues.

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Any gadget, such as Motherboard, Printer, and Keyboard, works just as soon as we use up-to-day drivers. Thus, instantly check the key-board chauffeurs. If it is outdated, then follow the below steps to upgrade it.


Now, type tool manager and select the finest matches in the result area.When the Device Manager appears on your lappeak, pick the key-board motorists.Right-click on it and choose the Update Driver option.

In the next step, click the Search for the updated driver software program alternative.After that, follow some on-screen instructions to finish the keyboard drivers.Reboot the laptop and also see that your key-board functions or not.

Uninstall & Reinstall the Keyboard Driver

Didn’t you solve the MSI Keyboard Not Working even after updating the key-board drivers? Then uninstall and reinstall it entirely on your laptop. For uninstalling the key-board device,



The Device Manager opens up on your display.Identify the key-board driver and expand it. Choose the Standard PS/2 Keyboard. Select the Uninstall Device alternative from the right-click conmessage menu.

After that, reboot the device without reinstalling the keyboard drivers. When the laptop gets rebegan, it automatically reinstalls the key-board drivers. Therefore, the secrets on your key-board start working perfectly without any kind of worries.


Sdeserve to the System With Antivirus

Viroffers totally damages the desktop computer or lappeak. It stops running the programs of your device. In the very same instance, the virus infections make the hardware components to soptimal working effectively.

Without making use of any antivirus or anti-malware tools, the files and data acquire infected with dangerous viroffers. If you desire to install any type of security suite, then we imply the BullGuard Antivirus or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Open the antivirus software application on your MSI lapheight and also perdevelop a complete device scan.By using the Full Scan Setting, it checks all the consisted of documents, folders, drives, registry, and also services on your system.Therefore, it identifies and removes the infected items to prevent further dameras.By this, the MSI Keyboard Not Working error disshows up from your mechanism.


You have to take into consideration to pick up some accessories for your lapoptimal to obtain the ideal out of your lappeak & make it power pack.

Clean install Windows 10

Are you making use of an up-to-date Windows operating system? Still, you are seeing MSI Keyboard Not Working error. Then reinstall the Windows by executing the listed below guidelines.

Use Windows & I secrets to open up the Setups web page on your MSI Laptop.Now, choose the Update & Security section.
Click the Recoextremely option inserted in the left-side panel.Under the Recollection this PC section, click the Get Started switch.
To clean install Windows 10, you have to choose the Rerelocate Everypoint option.For cleaning the items on your drives, click the Just Rerelocate My Files alternative.Finally, click the Reset alternative. Thus, it starts the reestablishing procedure and takes numerous minutes to finish.Once it finishes successfully, the MSI lapheight opens up. Now, the Keyboard will work without any type of troubles.

Use the External Keyboard

Mostly MSI users deal with the key-board not working problems via the over options. In a rare instance, they still challenge the MSI Keyboard Not Working difficulty.

Then we suggest the customers replace the indeveloped keyboard with a brand-new one. If you have a warranty on your system, then call the business service providers and also adjust it.

Or else, just change the key-board and also start working on your lapheight. It prices extremely much to buy and also install a brand-new keyboard. In such a situation, we advise you to affix the external keyboard and usage it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

First of all, inspect whether the Filer Keys are turned on your laptop. If so, quickly turn off them to unlock the key-board.Press and also hold the ideal SHIFT vital for eight seconds. By this, it unlocks your keyboard.You have the right to likewise resolve this worry by updating and also reinstall the keyboard chauffeurs.Furthermore, inspect the keyboard layout to make the correct tricks displayed on the screen once you kind it.
Unplug the keyboard of your system.After that, press and also host the ESC key.When you are pressing the ESC crucial, plug in the keyboard to your PC.You need to hold the ESC essential till you see the light on your keyboard.In the following action, again unplug the keyboard and also attach it to the system.
After that, click the Ease of Access category.Select Keyboard under the Interaction area inserted in the left side panel.
Click the toggle switch under the Use the On-Display Keyboard to turn it on.
After that, you will certainly view the keyboard on your screen. Now, click the ScrLK button.
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If you want to prevent all these keyboard not functioning errors, then execute update the drivers through the latest version on a regular basis.Make sure that your MSI Gaming Lappeak or MSI Gaming Desktops does not contain any type of virus-infections.Don’t usage the keyboard in such a method that it overheats.Also examine whether the key-board commonly to understand whether it is great or damaged.


Contact Official Support

By conducting thorough study on the error, we detailed out these approaches. In the finish, you will certainly settle the MSI Keyboard Not Working.

According to user reviews, many kind of users have conquer this keyboard difficulty. But a couple of civilization commented that cannot resolve the error even after using the methods.

Those users that still confront the difficulty with their MSI Laptops deserve to visit the nearemainder service centers. The experts or technical professionals have the right to easily solve the worry.

In addition, the MSI Gaming Lapheight users have the right to visit the authorized technicians to resolve the Keyboard Not Working error. Explain the trouble clearly and also make it fixed by the professionals.


Final Words: Conclusion

On the totality, the users have to settle the keyboard difficulties to use it without any type of concerns. Even though we deserve to use virtual keyboards, however it is not as convenient as the inconstructed one.

Due to over usage or driver concerns, the key-board will certainly not work correctly. In the above sections, we debated the reasons of this error and also options to solve it.

If you have actually any other troubleshooting strategy that solves this error, spare your valuable time, and also share it via us to aid others.

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