Msi laptop camera not working

MSI Camera Driver” acts as mediator between your video camera gadgets (Hardware) and Operating System variation set up in your MSI laptop/notebook. For example, if you have incorporated 720p webcam/electronic camera in your Windows 10 based MSI GX60 notebook, then you have to download/install MSI Camera Driver according to your electronic camera version and Operating System version.

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MSI Camera/webvideo camera allows you to capture exceptional photographs and also videos in your MSI tool, you deserve to usage also on various applications consisting of Skype, Windows Movie Maker, Cyberattach Youvideo camera 5 and also other apps. But if you are facing trouble while trying to open up camera on particular application prefer Skype, then one significant factor behind this problem is problematic MSI Camera Driver.

Before troubleshooting the “MSI camera not working” problem, at initially you should check if webcam/video camera is allowed or not. To execute so, push “Fn + F6” tricks from key-board together to enable webvideo camera in your MSI devices. After that, you can examine if webcam/electronic camera is allowed to access by specific app choose Skype.

If your MSI electronic camera (Hardware) is in excellent problem but still you are facing trouble while trying to access video camera by particular application choose ‘Skype’, then you have to make sure MSI Camera Driver is up-to-day. Sometimes, camera not functioning worry occurs as a result of absent, corrupted, or outdated electronic camera driver.

To inspect if MSI camera/webvideo camera driver is properly set up or not, open “Device Manager”, expand also “Imaging Devices” and click on camera maker in your MSI notebook/laptop, and inspect if it mirrors “Yellow Exclamation Mark” on your camera device. If yes, then you need to upday or reinstall camera driver to solve this concern. Let’s go for solution.

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How to revolve ON webcam/camera in MSI laptop/notebook?

Sometimes, cam not working on MSI laptop/notebook occurs if camera is disabled. So, you must turn ON your camera/webvideo camera. To execute so, press “F6” or “Fn + F6” keys together on keyboard. After that, please examine if it functions.

Add Legacy hardware to settle “MSI video camera not working”

Step 1: Open “Device Manager” and click on “Action > Add Legacy Hardware”

Step 2: Click “Next” and select “Install the hardware that i manually pick from the list” and then click “Next”

Step 3: Scroll down to pick “Imaging Devices” and also click “Next”

Step 4: Now, locate the absent camera maker with manufacturer’s tab and also include it. Once done, please inspect if the problem is readdressed.

How to update MSI Camera Driver on Windows?


Tip 1: Press “Windows + X” keys together from key-board and select “Device Manager”

Step 2: In the opened up “Device Manager”, situate and expand “Imaging Devices” category

Step 3: Right-click your cameran equipment and also pick “Update Driver Software…”

Step 4: Select “Browse my computer system for driver software” and follow on-screen instructions to complete updating process

Step 5: After that, restart your computer system and also check if the trouble is resolved.

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I hope this post helped you to understand around “MSI Camera Driver” and exactly how to resolve camera/webcam not working concern by updating video camera driver on MSI laptop/notebook. You have the right to read & follow our instructions to perform so. If this article really aided you, then you can share this post with others to help them.