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Tright here are not enough options as soon as it involves gaming mice with a number pad on the side. In this testimonial, we have actually added the 5 ideal models, consisting of a wiremuch less design, and also we have additionally included a computer mouse for left-handed customers.

Tbelow is additionally a buying guide listed below the reviews where we have described the attributes you should consider prior to making a purchase; make certain you read the complete evaluation and also guide to discover the best tool.

1.) Razer Naga Chroma – RGB Mousage through Number Pad

The Naga Chroma is designed for MMO and also FPS gamers. It has Razer chroma RGB, low latency, and offers great performance via multiple customization options. The computer mouse also has actually one more variant referred to as Razer Naga Epic Chroma, which is a wireless gaming mouse with a number pad. 


The mouse is a little bulky and also has a high profile, so it’s not the appropriate option if you have tiny hands. It’s a great mouse for people via big hands, yet it’s just suitable via a palm grip, so if you are in search of a version usable with a cregulation grip or fingerpointer grip, we recommend checking various other models.

The Naga Chroma has actually 19 buttons: left and right clicks, two butlots on height, 3 methods clickable scroll wheel, and also 12 thumb butlots. The appropriate side of the computer mouse is textured for fingers, but we don’t think it was compelled, yet it’s a nice touch. 


The computer mouse is compatible through Razer Synapse 3, which enables you to regimen butloads and offers great customization choices. It is also Chroma enabled, which indicates you can sync the lighting impacts via other Chroma permitted devices. The computer mouse supplies an exact 5G laser sensor through 16000 adjusteady DPI, which is pretty good for MMOs.

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Chroma enabledGreat button layout16000 adjustable DPICompatible through Razer Synapse 3



2.) Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite – MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite is a premium mouse for MOBA/MMO gaming. It has 17 programmable butloads, including 12 buttons on the left side, and functions a PixArt sensor via a large variety of DPI (18000 MAX). The mouse has plenty of customization options, and also its multiple butloads are excellent for video editors too. 


The computer mouse has actually a short style with a subtle bump in the direction of the earlier, which is suitable for cregulation grippers, and human being through palm grip will certainly also discover its form comfortable. But if you have actually extra-huge hands, this is not the computer mouse for you.

As pointed out, the Scimitar RGB Elite has 17 buttons: 12 side butloads, 2 major clicks, a scroll wheel, a DPI switch, and a switch to change profile. The butloads are sufficient for most MMO gamers, yet a dedicated sniper button is absent. On the upside, it uses Omron switches, which are rated for 50 million clicks, so the gadget have to last years.


Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite uses Corsair iCUE software that allows you regimen macros, sync RGB lights with your other gadgets, and on the left side, the computer mouse has actually an indicator for DPI setting. The polling rates are 125, 250, 500, or 1,000 Hz, and the lift-off distance is adjustable by means of iCue software application. 


Premium develop qualityOnboard profile storagePatented adjusecure side keypadOmron switches rated for 50 million clicks



3.) UtechSmart Venus Pro – Wireless Gaming Mousage with Number Pad

The UtechSmart Venus Pro is just one of the cheapest wiremuch less gaming mice with a number pad. However before, it did not make it right into this testimonial just bereason of its price. It’s a great gaming mouse that provides impressive wireless performance through plenty of attributes. 


The computer mouse is matte babsence via a powdery end up, which offers it a far better look than its wired variation. It has actually a large body through 16 programmable buttons: two main clicks, a scroll wheel, 12 thump butloads, and also three more butlots on top. 

The tool is designed to alleviate wrist pain, so if you are in search of an ergonomic wiremuch less MMO gaming mouse, the UtechSmart Venus Pro can end your search right here. 


The mouse is equipped through a PixArt PMW3335 optical sensor with 100 – 16000 DPI, which can be switched on the fly making use of the butlots on height. It has a 1,000-mAh battery that lasts roughly 70 hours, which must be enough for most world. It also has actually fully customizable RGB approximately 16 Million colors, and also you can choose different lighting modes making use of UtechSmart software program.


Well builtComfortable designLifetime product care
4.) Logitech G600 – High-finish Gaming Mouse through Number Pad

The Logitech G600 is another great MMO mouse with 20 programmable buttons, including a 3rd switch on the peak. It offers plenty of customization alternatives, however simply like Razer Naga Chroma, it’s not suitable for people through tiny hands. 


The G600 procedures 4.6 x 2.9 x 1.6 inches (118 x 75 x 41 mm) and weighs 4.69 ounces (133 grams), which is heavier than the majority of latest gaming mice. The design feels comfortable via a palm grip and have the right to be offered by civilization via a cregulation grip too, however we don’t recommend this for fingertip grip. 

As discussed, it has 20 programmable butlots, including 12 RGB-lit thumb butloads and a button on optimal that switches a different collection of commands.


The mouse is compatible with Logitech’s software application for customizing RGB lighting and also programming butloads. Dots-per-inch (DPI) have the right to be set anywhere from 200 to 8,200, and it additionally has 6 profiles: 3 stored on the computer and also 3 on the mouse. 

Each profile can be programmed with different settings, and also you have the right to switch in between them making use of the switch on peak. When you open Logitech’s software program, you need to select whether you want to usage the profiles stored on the computer or on the mouse; therefore, you can’t switch in between even more than 3 prodocuments on the fly. 


Excellent performanceSoftware for customizationMultiple programmable buttons


5.) Redragon M901 – Budget Gaming Mousage via Number Pad

The Redragon M901 is a budobtain gaming computer mouse equipped through an Avback laser sensor that uses fantastic tracking and also allows the mouse to track on surfaces choose glass as well. It functions 18 programmable buttons, has actually RGB LED Backlit, and comes through a weight tuning collection.

MOBAs, FPS, or MMORPGs, no matter what the genre is, the computer mouse is perfect for all. 


The M901 procedures 4.7 x 3 x 1.5 inches (119 x 76 x 38 mm) and also weighs 5.3 ounces (150 grams). It features grooves on the ideal side for relaxing your finger comfortably, and also on the left panel, it has actually 12 butlots. 

On the bottom, you will certainly find Teflon feet, which help glide the mouse smoothly, and also a small compartment for optional 8 weights, which is good for civilization who favor to tweak the weight of the mouse. It comes with a 6-foot braided cable with a gold-plated corrosion free USB connector. 


Redragon provides a customization software that allows you to customize 5 onboard profiles. You have the right to set DPI (12400 Max), adjust RGB lighting, and also regime butlots. On the bottom, it has a switch for switching onboard prorecords.


InexpensiveErgonomic design20 million clicks lifeexpectations (each button)



Left-Handed Gaming Mousage through Number Pad

Just like left-handed gaming keyboards, tright here are not many type of alternatives for left-handed computer mouse, specifically MMO computer mouse. That’s why left-handed individuals need to buy ambidextrous gaming mice. 

But the Razer Naga Left-Handed edition must be suitable for most world. It has the exact same style as the original Razer naga chroma via 12 buttons on the appropriate side and uses plenty of attributes. 





Buying Guide For Gaming Mouse

You have to take into consideration multiple factors prior to buying a gaming mouse. This overview describes all the vital points and some cool functions you need to look for. 

Size, Shape, and also Weight


Size is the initially point you must think about before buying a gaming mouse. Gaming mice are normally 5 to 7 inches in size, so if you have actually tiny hands, make sure you buy a suitable computer mouse.  Read Best gaming mice for tiny hands.

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Gaming mice come in ergonomic and also ambidextrous forms. Ergonomic mice are generally designed for right-handed gamers; they have actually subtle grooves for resting the fingers comfortably. While ambidextrous mice are symmetrical and also have the right to be provided by both left-handed and right-handed gamers. 

Tip: Avoid buying an overly grooved computer mouse, it may feel comfortable for some time, but you have to hold the mouse in a details means because of unimportant grooves.


The weight of the computer mouse is a subjective matter. If you play fast-paced games wbelow you need to relocate your mouse quickly, you could want a light gaming mouse. 

It’s better to buy a computer mouse through optional weights and tweak the weight according to your preferences. Some gaming mice like SteelSeries Rival 600 function a weighting mechanism to customize the all at once weight and also balance. The computer mouse lets you put optional weights in multiple positions for tweaking the balance. 

How to Measure Your Hand Length?

You have the right to meacertain your hand using a measuring tape. You need to place one finish of the tape on your finger’s reminder and also the various other on your wrist. A computer mouse 75% of your hand size must fit perfectly in your hand also. 


Wired or Wiremuch less Mice

Wiremuch less technology has actually boosted in the last few years; the latest wireless gaming mice have low latency and provide a much better gaming experience than they offered to a few years ago. 

In this review, we have actually consisted of UtechSmart Venus Pro, a good gaming mouse with a number pad. If you choose a clutter-free desk, you have the right to buy this version. Wired gaming mice market a lag-free experience, and some gamers still like them over wiremuch less. 

Tright here are restricted models through a number pad and also just one good wireless design, so you don’t have actually many type of choices. 

Customization Options

Make sure you look for a mouse through customization software application for programming buttons, assigning macros, managing game profiles, and some also permit you to adjust the lift-off distance. 

It’s much better to buy a mouse via onboard memory. Mice with onboard memory save the customization settings and let you use the exact same settings when you affix the computer mouse to a new computer system.

Dots per inch (DPI)/Counts per inch (CPI)

Dots per inch (DPI), in basic words, is mouse sensitivity. Most gaming mice come through adjusteady DPI; you can collection it according to your gameplay to adjust the reminder speed. Higher DPI suggests you’ll have to relocate the mouse less; reduced DPI implies you’ll need to move the computer mouse even more. 

Polling Rate

A better polling rate indicates high accuracy. The polling rate is measured in Hertz (Hz); if a computer mouse has actually a 1000 Hz polling rate, the mouse will certainly report its place 1000 times in a 2nd. If you are buying a premium gaming mouse, it’s a lot of likely to have actually a greater polling rate than 500 Hz, so you don’t have to worry around this. Some models sell an adjusecure polling price, which provides you even more control over your computer mouse. 

Lift-off distance

A gaming computer mouse via a high lift of distance still functions once you lift the mouse a few millimeters off the surface. It’s the opposite, via a low lift-off distance. No one can tell you what lift of distance is excellent for you; it’s a personal choice. Most civilization who usage the mouse on low DPI like low lift-off distance, so the mouse stops tracking when they recenter it on the computer mouse pad. Premium gaming mice offer adjustable lift-off distance, so if you think it’s something you need, you have the right to buy a computer mouse via an adjusecure lift-off distance 

Laser VS Optical Sensor Mice

The difference in between optical and laser mice is how they illuminate the surconfront. Optical mice use an infrared LED that bounces light from the surconfront to (CMOS) sensor, while laser sensor mice use a laser beam to illuminate the surconfront. 

Many premium mice usage optical sensors, yet that does not suppose laser mice are negative. Laser sensor mice work-related smoothly on surfaces favor glass, yet while making use of a laser sensor mice on a mouse pad, you have the right to endure jitter bereason the laser sensor have the right to feeling the tiny fibers of the computer mouse pad, which leads to inexact tracking. 



Do mice through a number pad (MMO) work on PS4?

Both Razer Naga and Logitechnology G600 work on PS4 and also Xbox One. 

What are macros?

If you are a hardcore MMO or RPG gamer, you most likely know about macros. Macros are choose shortcuts; you deserve to assign macros to percreate multiple tasks through one button.