Mouse stops working and computer beeps

As the title says. Quite often, as soon as I try to resume occupational aftermy computer system is idle (not necessarily for as well long), I obtain this trouble that pressures me to restart the computer system.

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I obtain a beep through the speakers once I click and also another when I release the mouse button, the guideline moves however the click does not execute anypoint, it has no result. Sometimes I additionally get the beeping as soon as relocating the mouse. When I go to task manager I watch that Window Deskoptimal Manager has actually a CPU consumption of around 35% on an i5-3570k (only as soon as this problem is happening). NOD32 doesn"t report any viroffers. I am using an Asus mobo via updated BIOS. I have actually hibernation disabled.

Because I cannot click everywhere I am required to rebegin or shutdvery own through the keyboard. That procedure doesn"t finish and I need to push the case butlots to finish.

I would really appreciate your assist.



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A. User
Replied on October 7, 2015


Thank you for posting in Community.

-What is the make and also Model of your computer?

I suggest you to follow the below steps and check if it helps.

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Tip 1:

You might refer to the measures under section “Make your COMPUTER sleep” from this short article to check if this helps.

Shut down, sleep, or hibernate:


Step 2:

Let’s run the power troubleshooter and also check.

1-Press Windows essential + X and click on Control Panel.

2-Double click troubleshooting and click on see all.

3. Click power and hit alongside run the power troubleshooter.

4. Follow the on screen directions to finish the procedure. Once it is done, cshed all windows and restart the computer


You have the right to create and also customize your very own power plans.

1.Open Power Options by swiping in from the ideal edge of the display, tapping “Search” (or if you"re using a mouse, pointing to the upper-best corner of the display screen, moving the mouse guideline dvery own, and then clicking “Search”), entering “Control Panel” in the search box, tapping or clicking “Apps”, and then tapping or clicking “Control Panel”. In Control Panel, enter “Power” in the search box, and also then push Enter.

2. Tap or click “Create a power plan” and follow the instructions.

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You might refer to these write-ups to know more.

Power plans: Frequently asked questions: