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Is MOM.exe a virus? This short article talks about MOM.exe procedure and explains what is MOM.exe & tells you what to do if you obtain a MOM.exe application error on your Windows COMPUTER.

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What is MOM.exe

MOM.exe is a component of the Catalyst Control Centre which is a component of AMD Catalyst software program engine, which provides video & display screen customization choices. So as such, it is a legitimate process and is located in the C:Program Files (x86)ATI Technologies folder.It is not a core Windows operating system file; it is a component of the gadget driver and also software program meant for AMD’s graphics cards.If you are using an ATI Video Graphics card then you might be mindful that Catalyst Control Center is a part of it, and also MOM.exe is the surveillance routine of CCC.

Is MOM.exe a virus

The legit MOM.exe process is situated in the C:Program Files (x86)ATI Technologies folder. If it is situated somewhere else, it could be malware as a virus can have actually any type of name. Some virsupplies have the right to pretend to be MOM.exe and also reside in the Windows or the System32 folder. One way to confirm would be to right-click on the file and also check it Properties. If in doubt shave the right to the file via an digital malware scanner that offers multiple antivirus engines. You could likewise run your anti-virus software application.

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MOM.exe application error


Users at the moment report seeing a MOM.exe application can not be started error dialog box constantly which deserve to prove to be a major resource of irritation. This may occur if the installation is corrupted or if the file is inadvertently deleted. This might likewise cause loss of display screen or shade high quality, digital manage, etc.If you obtain MOM.exe relate errors, you must carry out three things:Encertain that all your Display Drivers are up-to-day.Make sure that you have the latest variation of ATI Catalyst Control Center installed on your computer. You could upday it or uninstall the ATI Catalyst Software & install the latest variation. To uninstall it, open up the Control Panel and uninstall ATI Catalyst Install Manager.Encertain that you have actually the latest variation of .NET Frameoccupational mounted on your computer.Hope this answers your inquiries around MOM.exe process in Windows 10.Want to understand about these processes, documents or file types?Windows.edb files | Nvxdsync.exe | Svchost.exe | RuntimeBroker.exe | TrustedInstaller.exe | DLL or OCX records. | StorDiag.exe. | ShellExperienceHost.exe.

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