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Mod Organizer is an advanced mod manager for "Skyrim," "Fallout 3," "Fallout New Vegas," and also "Oblivion."

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Mod Organizer

In this short article, I am going to look at a tool dubbed Mod Organizer that will certainly help regulate your Skyrim mods. One of the solid points of the Elder Scrolls series considering that Morrowind is the mods created by gamers. There are literally thousands of them, and also they permit you to update, deal with, and also expand also the original game in so many kind of ways.

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Keeping track of those mods and also also ensuring that your game is secure and as error-cost-free as feasible deserve to be a complicated task. You deserve to likewise use Mod Organizer for other renowned Bethesda titles such as Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and also Oblivion.

Specifically, we will look at:

Comparing Mod Organizer and Nexus Mod Manager, looking at the staminas and also weaknesses of both utilities.How to move your mods from Nexus Mod Manager to Mod Organizer.Installing mods for Skyrim utilizing Mod Organizer.Fixing your mod fill order utilizing Mod Organizer for Skyrim mods.Editing your Skyrim.ini and also Skyrimprefs.ini to manually adjust the game's configuration.Creating and also utilizing propapers in Mod Organizer.


Mod Organizer's Advanced Features

Mod Organizer is a sophisticated and powerful item of software application that has actually numerous distinctive and effective features:

Mods are kept isolated. Rather than being set up all together in the game folder, instead they are installed in their own folders to allow mods to be un-set up easily and also cleanly.Prorecords have the right to be created which allows you to have actually multiple configuration files so that you have the right to experiment via settings safe in the expertise that you have another profile via the default settings to loss earlier on. You can also have actually various mods running in different propapers. Mod Organizer can also filter conserved games based on profile.Mod Organizer can fully combine with Nexus Mod Manager so your mods downloaded making use of it have the right to conveniently be relocated to Mod Organizer.Saved games have the right to be cleaned if mods are removed (otherwise conserved games can end up being unstable or fail to fill altogether).Mod Organizer deserve to show which mods are being offered with which conserved game.Mods that have actually not been correctly put together by the writer deserve to be cleanly mounted to improve game stcapability.It will certainly manage your fill order.Mod Organizer will certainly alert you to any kind of mod problems and also enable you to resolve them conveniently.


Nexus Mod Manager is a simple to usage and also extremely user friendly tool for managing your Skyrim mods.

Nexus Mod Manager

While both devices do largely the same thing, they are various in several methods. I would certainly recommend Nexus Mod Manager for someone who is new to modding and also Mod Organizer for anyone familiar via mods or that have actually supplied Nexus Mod Manager and discovered that they must use some of the progressed features that Mod Organizer offers.

I have actually listed the pros and also cons of each tool listed below to enable you to make your own alternative.

The Pros and Cons of Using Mod Organizer


Very powerful energy through a variety of unique features

Due to its complexity, it has a discovering curve as soon as initially used

Allows for multiple configuration files

The interface is not as clean and also intuitive as Nexus Mod Manager

Enables you to fix difficulties with mods not appropriately packaged by the author


Has wonderful aid available


Installs mods separately from the game folder enabling quick and simple mod removal


Profiles allow you to have actually multiple configuration documents and various mod setups


Mod conflicts are detected and also are quickly resolved


Mods downloaded from Skyrim Nexus will certainly be included automatically to your mod list



Has a terrific Download Manager built-in

The simplicity of the tool means that the advanced features accessible in Mod Organizer are not present

A clean and also attrenergetic interface


Categorisation of mods is automatic and mirrors Skyrim Nexus


Is very simple to usage with one click install and un-install


Installing Mod Organizer

Before we start moving mods from Nexus Mod Manager and making use of all Mod Organizers advanced functions, we have to install it:

Next off, run the Mod Organizer executable file in the Mod Organizer folder included in the zip file you downloaded over.You will be presented via a choice of the sustained games that Mod Organizer found, or given the option to find another installation as shown listed below.Next, you will be given the alternative to watch a tutorial of Mod Organizer's basic functions. If you have not used it, I imply that you watch the tutorial.It might likewise ask to Associate Mod Organizer through nxm web links, click Yes on this dialogue box.


Choose the game you are going to usage Mod Organizer via from the list or browse to a various installation location.

Commonly-Used Features

You have the right to watch in the number listed below what the miscellaneous panels in Mod Organizer perform, and also some of the butloads that you will frequently usage while establishing up your mods, configuring your propapers, changing your mod order and fixing mod installation issues.


Migrating Your Mods From Nexus Mod Manager to Mod Organizer

If you decide to move from Nexus Mod Manager to Mod Organizer, Mod Organizer has a built-in tool to help you.

Click on the Tools switch and also choose NMM Import as presented listed below.


The tools switch in Mod Organizer allows you to easily import mods from Nexus Mod Manager.

If you have actually the latest variation of Nexus Mod Manager, you deserve to safely overlook the warning you will obtain and click OK.Select the mods you wish to Import and also click Next off.You will then obtain the dialogue box below. I would recommend alternative B (Copy and Delete).

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Dialogue box displayed while importing mods right into Mod Organizer from Nexus Mod Manager.

Mod Organizer will chug away for a time copying all your mods across. Once it is finish, the mods will show up on the Downloads tab.

Installing Mods for Skyrim Using Mod Organizer

To install a mod, simply double click it on it on the Download tab and also confirm the name you desire to give it. The mod will certainly present as Installed and it is as straightforward as that.

Wbelow Mod Organizer really excels is as soon as the author of the mod has not put all the records tidily in a single folder. Without cleanly installing such mods, this might reason the mod to be unsecure and also crash your game. Mod Organizer recognizes this and also allows you to resolve it on the fly while installing the mod. When you come across such as mod, you will certainly obtain a warning notice such as the one below:

Mod Organizer enables you to easily fix mods where the writer has packaged the files erroneously.

To deal with this:

Expand also DruidEssentials utilizing the arrow.Select the first file (Druidessentials.bsa) and drag it to .Repeat it for all the records in the mod and also your display will look like the one below.
An example of a mod tided making use of Mod Organizer ensuring that the mod will not reason instability or game crashes as soon as you install it.

Mod Organizer will certainly tell you that the mod now looks good, so you can click OK and also the install will certainly complete.

Fixing Your Mod Load Order Using Mod Organizer for Skyrim Mods

Mod Organizer will automatically check your mods for you, and also will advise you if tbelow is an worry with your mod order. If it detects a trouble, you will certainly check out the symbol in the peak appropriate light up.

Mod Organizer will certainly notify you when tbelow are potential problems with your mods pack order.

If you click the icon, Mod Organizer will certainly advise you of the problems it has actually found.Click on Potential Mod order problem and also you will certainly be advised what to execute to fix the issue.
Mod Organizer will provide you a thorough list of potential mod pack order problems to enable you to optimise your fill order.

To manually reorder mods yourself to fix the concerns presented above:

Click on the Plugins tab.Next off, click the Priority column.Select the mod that you wish to reorder and drag it up or down based on where you want to relocate it to. Repeat this for all the mods that should be moved.

Editing Your Skyrim.ini and also Skyrimprefs.ini and also Using Propapers in Mod Organizer

Using prorecords, you can not just adjust the mods that you usage, but you have the right to develop a backup of your configuration (or .ini) records, in case the transforms that you make carry out not occupational out to your satisfaction.

Click on the Create switch and also name your profile (I referred to as mine backup).

Now you have 2 prorecords, we have the right to readjust the .ini documents on your Default profile learning that you deserve to revert to your backup configuration papers in your Backup profile if the changes are not effective.

To modify your ini files:

Using the Tools button, choose Ini Editor.Make any kind of changes you want to either (or both) documents and click Save to commit the changes.
Mod Organizer permits you to conveniently edit your Skyrim configuration or .ini files

Should you desire to revert earlier to the default ini files:

Load the backup documents by switching to your Backup profile.Go to the Ini Editor as we did above and copy the ini file you desire to revert.Switch to the other Profile and also copy the contents of the backup ini file over the impacted one and also click Save.


Mod Organizer is a innovative and also effective tool that helps you to manage your Skyrim mods. It deserve to also be used to manage downloaded mods for Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and also Oblivion. It has several distinct functions, including:

Mods are installed in their very own folders and isolated from the various other mods to keep installs clean and permit for straightforward removal.You can produce multiple prorecords via various mod lists, ini records and also conserve games.It deserve to job-related with Nexus Mod Manager so your mods can be moved directly from it, need to you choose to switch.Saved games that might otherwise end up being unusable if mods are removed from the game can be cleaned.Mods via installs that have actually papers in the wrong places have the right to be corrected while being installed which will make the mods occupational as intended and also your game more secure.Mod Organizer will certainly additionally tell you which mods you supplied via a certain conserved game.

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In this post, we have actually looked at:

The pros and also cons of both Nexus Mod Manager and also Mod OrganizerInstalling Mod OrganizerMigrating from Nexus Mod ManagerInstalling mods using Mod OrganizerFixing your load orderAnd ultimately utilizing profiles and additionally editing your ini files

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Robbie C Wilson (author) on September 17, 2014:

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