Minecraft maximize button not working

I was playing in Minecraft in full screen for a while (toggling making use of F11) and also then after a while, I went back to windowed mode (I don"t like playing in complete display screen, I was just experimentation the usability of it for... reasons).

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However, as soon as I saw maximize the window (not full-screen) I realized the maximize box in the corner had actually end up being disabled. I fiddled via full display screen a little even more, toggling it in the food selection options as well as toggling it with F11, but this had actually no result. Rebeginning Minecraft (cshedding it entirely and also re-opening, not just quitting to menu) did resolve it however.

Does anyone understand what causes this concern, and if rebeginning Minecraft is the only method to resolve it?


I"m pretty sure this is resulted in by of 1.8 because you can maximize in various other versions.The only method I have been able to settle it myself is refounding the game.

Make certain when you rebegin the game that in the menus your fullscreen is set to off. If not you"ll acquire the same trouble eexceptionally time you restart.

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Open Launcherclick "modify Profile" Buttonactivate Checkbox "JVM Arguments"beside this checkbox rerelocate the string "-XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy"conserve Profileclick "Play"???Profit...now the maximize button is allowed.


Exit out minecraft and push play and also when the Mojang symbol pops up rapidly click the maxi button that is just how It fixed for me


This is a common problem everyone gets, it happens to me (I have Windows 8, Minecraft 1.8.7).

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Rebeginning will certainly always occupational.

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