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I have actually set up Works 4.5 on Windows 8. The regime mounted yet will not job-related. Works 4.5 was installed and also worked fineon Windows XP. Please aid me to obtain this program working. I need this regime to job-related considering that the majority of of my computer system work-related has actually been done in Works 4.5.

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Not according to the post you supposedly responded to, origonally began in Dec 2010

I do not know which post you are talking about, but I did not have actually a Windows 7 machine till a few months earlier. (I held out and also did not install Vista however wanted to protect against Win8.) Anyway I was delighted once I had the ability to install Works 4.0 and install the Y2K patch which updays it to 4.5a. I can not imagine why I would certainly have actually shelp it would certainly not run on Win7, however if I did I was wrong.

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I execute not recognize if it will certainly run on Win8, so this may be a moot suggest. I just wanted you to understand that at leastern one perboy was running Works 4.5a on a Windows 7 pro machine.


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Replied on January 20, 2013

I was able to get 4.0 to install on Windows 7 and then updated it to 4.5a through the Y2K patch that MS provided to administer. It seems to run just fine. The patch does not appear to be obtainable anymore on the MS website, yet if you want to attempt it, I uploaded it to yousendit and you deserve to downfill the file to your computer and then run it. I don"t think it will certainly break anypoint else, yet you could desire to collection a device reclaim allude just in case. Here is the link to the file: will certainly only be available for a short time, so donwfill it shortly.

While Works 9 may run on Win8, it will not open up every one of the Works 4.5 formatted files, and it is has been disongoing anymethod. MS has dropped Works. So also if you execute gain Works 4.5 running you might desire to setup on transitioning to a various regime.

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As Palcouk said if you do not desire to pay for MS Office then you could consider libreoffice. Two other cost-free alternatives; and Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012:

If you have your old computer system through Works installed do a Save As and also transform your word processing files into .rtf papers and also your database and also spreadsheet papers into.csv records. You deserve to open up those in the majority of other office programs.