Microsoft word opens on startup windows 10

This is Microsoft Office 365 under Windows 10 and also I do not remember as soon as, however every time I start the computer, Excel is opened up through a blank workbook.

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I looked at startup tab in job manager and it is not tright here.. I also observed in Setups -> Applications -> Startup and also it is not tright here two.

Do you have actually an advice to protect against this?



It transforms out that this might be brought about by a so-dubbed function of Microsoft.

Short answer:Windows Settings->Accounts->Sign-In Options->Privacy->Off

Longer answer:


The issue might be from a startup application or organization which is opening excel at startup.

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Run msconfig from the run dialog(Windows Key + R) to open up the System Configuration. From the General Tab select Selective StartUp, uninspect Load startup items(this will certainly disable all startup items watched in the Task Manager). Apply and reboot your computer. See if it still pops up. If it does, then try likewise disabling the solutions by unchecking Load device services in the Selective startup section.

If it doesn"t pop up, then you have the right to set your computer system ago to Normal Startup in the system configuration, and then one by one disabling the Startup apps from the Task Manager to find out which app is bring about the worry.


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