Microsoft word not saving changes

I am extremely frustrated with Word"s capability to save my files. It happened previously now, wbelow I opened a file from a couple of days back and also a number of my edits were not there. And then again now I worked on a file, MADE certain to conserve it. Double checked. Saved multiple times. Then closed out the app. And currently returning to the document later today I see that the transforms were not conserved when again. I am beyond frustrated with this. I am 100% that I conserved the record, now opening it later on countless words are lacking.

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So angry.

Anyone understand how I can retrieve this old file? I tried plenty of points, yet at this suggest I wonder if it just provides more feeling for me to rekind the entirety thing. Trying to figure out just how to retrieve my SAVED record is wasting me so much time.

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Per your summary, it seems that you are unable to conserve the document. Thanks for sharing the indevelopment with us, as for your case, we are sorry for the inconvenience resulted in at your finish, and we’ll try our ideal to aid you.
So based on our test, we have the right to save records in Word 16.40 on Mac Catalina without any kind of trouble. Firstly, we imply you upday your Office to the latest variation to see if the brand-new updays helps settle this. You have the right to inspect this articleUpdate background for Office for Mac to watch if you are using the latest one, if not, you have the right to try toupdate Office to the latest version.
Additionally, attempt to develop a new user account or switch to another account to login in Mac, check out if you have the right to save files in Word.

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To uncover the shed files, you might use the Time Machine on your Mac to reclaim information in the previous. But you need torevolve on Time Machine and also backup your Macbefore and you can restore it now.

Here is the post for your reference:Restore your Mac from a backup

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1.What’s your Word variation and also Mac version? Open Word > capture the screenshot of “About Word”. Then click Apple menu> capture the screenshot of "About this Mac".
2.Does the problem happen on all papers or simply the specific one? You have the right to develop a brand-new record to examine the result.

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