Microsoft surface pro 4 pen not working

This short article goes over just how the Stylus battery life on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (SP4). Summary:This article goes over exactly how the Stylus battery life on the Microsoft Surconfront Pro 4 (SP4).See less This post goes over exactly how the Stylus battery life on the Microsoft Surchallenge Pro 4 (SP4).

Surchallenge Pro 4 Stylus.

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has actually an optional stylus called the Surface Pen. The Surconfront Pen is an active stylus through a replaceable pointer.


The pen works making use of Bluetooth technology and is powered by a single AAAA (Quad A) battery.


The warranty for this pen is 1 year from the day of purchase.

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More information on the Surface Pen deserve to be found in this Microsoft Article: Using Surconfront Pen (Surconfront Pro 4 version)

To relocation the battery, follow these basic steps:

Twist the cap counterclockwise until it unlocks via a click—you won’t need to twist it very much. Then pull the cap straight out.
NOTE: Leave the paper label attached to the cap.
Rerelocate the battery. Insert the AAAA battery, wrapped in the paper label from the cap, through the positive (+) end of the battery pointing towards the cap. Line up the pen and also cap via the level sides virtually lined up, as they were when you unlocked the pen cap. Then push the cap onto the pen and rotate the cap clockwise to lock it in place.



Many concerns with the Surconfront Pen can be resolved by either properly pairing the tool or altering the battery.

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While the advertised battery life of the Stylus is around one (1) year, battery life is dependent on the amount of intake. (Users that usethe stylus greatly, report needing to readjust the battery monthly)

If the stylus fails and also cannot be paired to the system, transforming the battery have to be the following action (regardmuch less of the time of use).

More Troubleshooting indevelopment from Microsoft:

Troubleshoot Surconfront Pen (Surchallenge Pro 4 version)