Microsoft sculpt comfort mouse driver error

My sculpt comfort mouse isn"t functioning. I have the right to affix it to my computer system but as soon as I relocate it, the cursor won"t relocate.

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I have tried updating the driver software program and have actually checked if it is enabled in gadget manager.

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What is the Make and Model of the Sculpt Mouse?

I imply you to attempt the below approaches and also inspect if it helps to deal with the concern.

Method 1: Re-add the gadget to the mechanism.

If the Bluetooth connection cannot be establimelted, you might have to rerelocate the unresponsive device from the device and then include it earlier.

1. On your computer system, on Search tab, typeControl Panel, tap Control Panel from the search outcomes, and also then tapAdd tools and printers.

2. If the unresponsive Bluetooth gadget is provided, choose it and also then clickRemove.

3. To reconnect the device to your computer, press and hold the Connect switch on the underside of the gadget for a few secs. When the light on peak of the device bweb links red and also green, the gadget is discoverable to various other Bluetooth gadgets for 2 minutes.

4.When the computer mouse is provided, select it, and also follow the instructions to effectively affix the tool.

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If you still confront the worry, I indicate you run the Hardware and also Devices troubleshooter and inspect the status of the concern.

Method 2: Run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter.

Windows 10 has a built-in troubleshooter to inspect and also solve worries via hardware and gadgets. I would certainly indicate you to run this troubleshooter to inspect if the concern is through the Bluetooth adapter. Refer these steps:

1. PressWindows key + X, choose Control panel.

2. Change thewatch by alternative on the optimal appropriate to Large symbols.

3. Click ontroubleshooting and click the watch all option on the left panel.

4. Run theHardware and devices troubleshooter.

5. Restart your computer and inspect if the concern is readdressed.

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Hope this information is helpful. Please perform let us recognize if you require further assistance, we’ll be glad to aid you.