Microsoft outlook 2010 has stopped working


Microsoft Outlook has actually quit functioning.

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A problem resulted in the regimen to sheight working effectively.Windows will certainly cshed the regimen and inform you if a solution is easily accessible.

How to fix Outlook has actually stopped working?

This error could happen for a number of different reasons. The feasible causes we cover in this write-up include:

Disable the add-insCorrupt OSTCorrupt PSTCheck the Event ViewerCreate a brand-new Outlook profileRepair Office

Disable the Add-ins

One possibility–and also always the first point to check–is that an Outlook add-in might be bring about the error. To recognize if this is the root reason open up outlook in Safe Mode.

To do this, host the CTRL-key on your keyboard while clicking the Outlook icon. You will certainly get a prompt asking whether you want to open Outlook in safe mode. Click Yes.

Outlook will then launch via all add-ins disabled. Additionally, the reading pane and any toolbar customization will certainly be disabled. You can then navigate to Documents >> Options.


Once in choices select Add-Ins. From here you deserve to check out all add-ins that fill when Outlook is opened in normal mode. To disable an add-in click the Go… button.


From the Add-Ins dialog, you have the right to dechoose an add-in to disable it. Click Okthen rebegin Outlook. You deserve to repeat this processtill you discover the add-in preventing Outlook fromstarting


Corrupt OST file

This error can also take place if you are utilizing cached mode in Outlook and your OST file has actually come to be corrupt. The OST file is an offline cache of your Exadjust mailbox. It functions similarly to exactly how the cache works in your internet web browser. Rather than fetching a brand-new copy of a web web page eincredibly time you visit a webwebsite your web browser caches a copy of that web page rather. Outlook caching works about the same method. A copy of all your emails is cached in a neighborhood file on your computer system. The difference through Outlook is that the cache is just one giant file versus the tens of hundreds of tiny files your internet browser cache creates. Both modern technologies use caching to improve user suffer.

So exactly how do we deal with a corrupt cache file? The most basic solution? Delete the cache file.

With an Exreadjust account, all your mail is actually stored on the Exadjust server. This indicates that deleting the OST file has zero effects, except maybe the wait as the cache rebuilds.

For Windows 7, 8 and 10 the OST file is frequently located under the complying with course.



Keep in mind that AppFile is a hidden folder. To see this folder you will certainly need to navigate to Folder Options >> View tab >> Sexactly how Hidden Files. While in the Folder Options dialog box it is likewise an excellent concept to dechoose Hide extensions for recognized file types. That way you can make certain you are deleting the correct file.

Right-click the OST file and select Delete from the context food selection.

Warning: Be cautious not to delete any kind of PST documents. These files are different than OST files. Wbelow OST documents are a cached copy of a message, keeping the original on the server, PST papers may contain the just staying copy of a message. PST files are often in play when a user has actually changed the default distribution actions of an Exreadjust account or is making use of the POP protocol to retrieve messeras from an Exadjust mailbox. PST files will certainly also exist if neighborhood archiving has actually been configured. None of these configurations are recommfinished as they deserve to bring about information loss.

Open Outlook and offer it time to reconstruct your Outlook cache. How long this restructure procedure takes counts on your netoccupational link to the Exreadjust server and also the size of your mailbox.

Corrupt PST file


A corrupt PST file have the right to also prevent Outlook from beginning. To fix a corrupt PST you launch the SCANPST tool that ships with Outlook. The location of this utility will vary based upon the variation and edition of Office you are utilizing. The default routes are listed listed below.

Outlook 2016Office 365: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office ootOffice16scanpst.exe64-bit Windows: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice16scanpst.exe32-little bit Windows: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice16scanpst.exe

Outlook 2013Office 365: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office ootoffice15scanpst.exe64-little Windows: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15scanpst.exe32-little bit Windows: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15scanpst.exe

Outlook 201064-bit Windows: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14scanpst.exe32-little Windows: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice14scanpst.exe

Once you have actually situated SCANPST.EXE double-click to launch the application. This opens a dialog referred to as the Inbox Repair Tool. Click Browse… and situate your PST file. Click Start.(Your PST is the majority of most likely situated in C:Users\AppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook)


The Inbox Repair Tool will then check the PST file for errors. How lengthy this takes will certainly depfinish upon the size of the PST file.


The Inbox Repair Tool will certainly then report what errors it has actually uncovered and also grants you the alternative to repair the PST. By default, it will certainly additionally make a backup of the file before it initiates a repair. You deserve to click Browse… to set the destination for this file. I recommend maintaining this option checked. Click Repair. How long this takes will depend upon the size of the PST file and the degree of the corruption.


Once the repair is finish, click Ok. It is recommended to rerun the Inbox Repair Tool a 2nd time to see if any kind of corruption continues to be. Once all clear you must be able to open up Outlook.

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Note: If the Inbox Repair Tool can not solve the corruption you might want to attempt and export the content into a brand-new PST file.

Checking Event Viewer

Event Viewer is an excellent diagnostic tool. To launch Event Viewer click the Start button and also kind ‘Event’.This need to find Event Viewer or View Event Logs. Select either one. On older operating devices navigate to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Event Viewer.

Once open expand Windows Logs and choose Application. In the Source column in search of Outlook, Application Error or Windows Error Reportingis a good area to begin. In ours, we uncovered all three yet one, in specific, offered us an amazing location to begin. This error referenced one of our Outlook Add-Ins.


Create a new profile

If others have the right to use Outlook on this PC–and none of the fixes over have helped–then there could be a problem with your Outlook profile. Rather than delete the existing profile, let’s first ascertain whether a new profile fixes the difficulty.

To create a brand-new mail profile open the Control Panel and double-click Mail. If Control Panel is in category check out pick User Accounts >> Mail.

Tip: On Windows 8 and also 10 you have the right to accessibility the regulate panel by right-clicking the Start switch and picking Control Panel from the menu.

Click Sjust how Profiles…


This will list all the propapers configured in Outlook. For my lab I have multiple yet many human being will only have one profile. Click Add…


Give your profile a name and also click Ok.


You will certainly then be presented with the account development wizard. How you connumber your account will certainly differ based on your atmosphere.


Once your account is created you will certainly be earlier to the Profile screen. Select Prompt for a profile to be used. Click Ok.


At this allude launch Outlook and also pick your new profile. Click Ok.


It will certainly take a couple of moments to produce a new profile and also retrieve mail. If this functions good. You can now go back right into the Control Panel >> Mail >> Sexactly how Profiles and also rerelocate your old profile. If not, you might have to repair or reinstall Office.

When all else fails–repairOffice

If none of the over approaches job-related, or, no one on the computer system can use Outlook you the majority of likely must reinstall Office. You can try a repair of the installation initially. But if this doesn’t occupational a full uninstall and also reinstall may be in order.

To repair Office navigate earlier to the Control Panel. Double-click Program and also Featuresin symbol check out. Locate Office in your list and also click Change.


Using Office 2013 as an example you would certainly pick Repair and also click Continue. The repair process begins and also may take a number of minutes.


Once complete click Close. You will then be promptedto reboot your COMPUTER. Click Yes.


Once rebooted view if the trouble persists. If it does, you might have actually a bigger problem at hand also such as a corrupt operating device, or, a Windows Upday gone amuck. Hardware might also be an concern, or, there might be a problemvia your Windows profile.

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How about you? What fixes have you uncovered for the error in question? Drop a comment below.