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Every time I try to open up a Office Program or file, I obtain the over error message. Then it takes a lengthy time to open it. This is sooo annoying! What have the right to I do? I have Windows Vista 64 little bit.

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That "...configuring..." message is displayed in 2 situations. You have confirmed one of them. You have even more than one variation of Office set up.Office is written through the presumption that "any reasonable" user will just have one variation (presumably the most current one installed). When you begin an Office app it checks to watch if some "other" version of the app was the last to run. If it sees that one was, it assumes you have actually simply set up a brand-new version but have actually not setup the registry appropriately.MS assumes that the "only reason" a perkid would certainly have actually even more than one version mounted is that they are a developer, so the "fix" is a registry hack to include "NoReReg" registry keysHere are the Official MS instructions:

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Information about how to usage Office 2010 suites and programs on a computer that is running an additional version of OfficeKB 2121447

In Method 1, this pointer has actually a Fix it, 50780, that uses the compelled Regisattempt fix.

For a 2007 Office version of this post, check out 928091 (

).I discovered and supplied these instructions prior to I found the "official" onesDual Install - Working via Multiple Versions of Office


This tip defines the particular steps and selections during the 2010 tradition install. After you have actually the multiple versions set up you still have actually some extra steps to do. They are described in this tip:

With multiple versions installed, tbelow is one issue you can’t protect against, Default Windows File Associations. Only one app deserve to be provided to open up the papers by double clicking in Windows Explorer. You need to pick which one.

FYI: NoReReg key functions with Office 2010 / 2013 mounted on Windows 7 and also 8 (I tested it myself Rohn007)

Note: in user accounts, once you log in to do the NoReReg hacks, DO NOT begin REGEDIT utilizing “Run As Admin”. You will certainly be editing the wrong “Current User” key

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