Microsoft office single image 2010 error

I accidentally deleted MS Single Image 2010, and also now namong my MS Office 2010 programs deserve to open, as a pop-up comes stating"This activity is just valid for commodities that are presently installed". I believe with deleting the Single Image 2010 that it deleted the regisattempt keys through MS Office 2010, and also that"s why my system will not recognize the programs being on my system.

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I"ve reextended my Product Key, and downloaded the classiccomputers.infoInstaller.exe from the MS website. When trying to run the installer however (also as admin), I get another error, saying that I am not running Windows 7 OS 64-bit platcreate (though I am), see pic below.

In addition, once trying to Uninstall or Change my "MS Office Home and Student 2010" routine from my control panel, clicking either the Uninstall or Change buttons gives a loading icon for about a second, then does nothing.

Any assist would be substantially appreciated, I"m not too sure where to go from right here to obtain my Office 2010 programs working aobtain.



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Replied on May 19, 2016
In reply to SalaMiHam's write-up on May 19, 2016

That command also resets accessibility civil liberties to default. And yes, that would more than likely help through your previous error.

A Progress bar that is going backward is a brand-new "feature".

Since that error message is totally usemuch less, there are 2 things you can try.

First, take a look in the "Relicapacity Monitor". I don"t recognize, however it may provide a connect to show you more information about the abend.

If you uncover an error, provide us the full and specific error message message and error code (if any).

If that doesn"t work-related, rotate on "Verbose Logging" and also run the install aacquire, then take a look at the log documents to watch if you deserve to recognize an error. Or upload the log papers to your OneDrive and offer us a Share/Edit attach to it. So we have the right to help discover the error.

Verbose logging - Trouble shooting Problems Installing Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 - settle Its to revolve logging on and also off - help interpreting logs - Enable logging on XP - Fix it permit XP, Server 2003-8 Event Logging

“Verbose logging” is a setting that exposes even more information throughout the installation process. It will capture “warning” as well as “error” messeras that administer us through hints to your trouble.

You deserve to article the created Logs in Onedrive and provide a attach to them to your technician if you require technological help.

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The thing is, the “useful” component will be very little and also exceptionally particular and also you probably won’t identify it. So posting extract may catch the problem, but regularly miss out on the important info, so it is best to give us accessibility to everything captured

PS: remember to revolve Verbose Logging OFF after you deal with the difficulty. It will continue to generate “excess” logging files in the time of all installations, consisting of Windows updates.

To carry out onetime verbose logging:

Diagnosing When Setup Stops RespondingAt times, Office Setup stops responding (hangs), and you do not get any type of error message. The finest thing to execute in this case is to rebegin your computer system, and also run Office Setup aobtain via complete verbose logging turned on (with one added option). To perform this, begin Office Setup. To perform so, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, and then click Run.

2. In the Open box, kind the adhering to command-line, and also then click OK:

pathSetup.exe /L*v! C:Verboselog.txt

Keep in mind that Path is the complete path of your Office source location.

To permit Windows Installer logging yourself, open the registry with Regedit.exe and develop the complying with course and keys:


Reg_SZ: LoggingValue: voicewarmupx

The letters in the worth area deserve to be in any kind of order. Each letter turns on a various logging mode. Each letter’s actual function is as adheres to for MSI variation 1.1:

v - Verbose outputo - Out-of-disk-room messagesI - Status messagesc - Initial UI parameterse - All error messagesw - Non-fatal warningsa - Start up of actionsr - Action-particular recordsm - Out-of-memory or fatal leave informationu - User requestsp - Terminal properties+ - Appfinish to existing file! - Flush each line to the logx - Extra debugging indevelopment. The “x” flag is accessible just on Windows Server 2003 and later on operating units, and on the MSI redistributable version 3.0, and also on later on versions of the MSI redistributable.”*” - Wildcard, log all information other than for the v and also the x option. To encompass the v and the x choice, specify “/l*vx”.

Note This must be provided only for troubleshooting functions and should not be left on because it will have adverse effects on mechanism performance and also disk room. Each time you use the Add/Rerelocate Programs tool in Control Panel, a new Msi*.log file is created.

When looking via the MSI logs we will certainly generally desire to look for aworth 3 entry in the logs. Windows installer retransforms codes in the time of the install which will certainly show if a particular feature did well or not.

Value 1 = Success Value 2 = Cancel Value 3 = Error

Note: make sure to rotate off verbose logging after you are done.

Enable verbose logging prior to collecting the log documents.

1. Click on Start -> All Programs

2. Accessories -> RUN

3. Type reg include HKLMSOFTWAREclassiccomputers.infoClickToRunOverRide /v LogLevel /t REG_DWORD /d 3

4. Click on OK.

Now attempt to install Office 2013 to get the error message so that the log papers acquire produced.

Provide the finish error log present in the ‘Temp’ folder to aid you better.

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Follow the procedures below to accessibility the ‘Temp’ folder.

1. Click on Start -> All Programs

2. Accessories -> RUN

3. Type %temp% -> Click on OK

Following are the log papers that may be present in the %windir% emp folder (c2r is for Click to Run):Bootstrapper*.log

1. c2r_*.log

2. C2Rintegrator*.log

3. Firefly*.log

4. Integratedoffice.exe_c2r*.log

5. Interceptor*.log

6. *.exe.log

7. *_c2rdll*

MSI, “Normal”, installations the log records will look favor MSI****.LOG

****"We may think we have actually delegated a program project to an infallible computer - but in truth we've ssuggest gained a lever before through which to magnify humale error to a dramatic scale." .