Microsoft office is downloading the required feature

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Hello, I would certainly respctfully ask anyone to help me via this difficulty which is:sooner or later I have actually open the Microsoft Office starter and also then I have actually been increated that tright here is new updays of it, so I have proceeded through this. However before, when I let it execute this, I noticed that Microsoft Office starter didn"t open and offered me this letter whose screenswarm is listed below from time to time. I have awaited in order the downloads finish. However, I didn"t check out any type of development.In addition, once I opened up any type of office file, I notification this message and I noticed that there isn"t any type of progress in the downloadingI would certainly appreciate it if you help me.
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Hi a cooperator,This helped various other customers, try and check out if this works:1.Restart (or entirely shut down and then power on) your computer.2.Click Microsoft Word Starter 2010 and also let it finish its processing.3.Let it end up downloading and install the "required feature."It usually takes 5-7 minutes for the research to procedure (relying on the internet speed it could take more time). The download likewise calls for considerable time (it is commonly 10-15 minutes however can exceed if you have actually slow-moving internet).Do reply through results.

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