Microsoft office installer encountered a problem click to run

Can we run Microsoft Office as a click-to-run installation parallel to an MSI installation? Microsoft states no to this. But it appears that tright here is still a trick that functions and also bot packperiods might be mounted in parallel.

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What the problem?

Microsoft usually supplies its Office suite as a click-to-run installation. A web installer then pulls all components of Office and also sets them up on a target device. Only functions as lengthy as Microsoft uses the downfill.

However, there is also an Office Professional version for business atmospheres, that have the right to be installed via .msi files. The advantage: You have actually the installation records for the Office package on a DVD or on your tough disk and also can install in one go, without downloading.

No covisibility – and also some trouble

However before, Microsoft does not allow/assistance a parallel installation of these 2 product variants. This reasons some administrators to run right into troubles in business settings. Some admins told me, that Access or Visio and Project 2016 are just easily accessible as Click’n’Run by means of Microsoft Imagine. If a .msi install is supplied to distribute MS Office, standalone Click’n’Run packperiods can’t be installed on those makers.

Parallel installation will certainly work-related after all…

Gerguy blog reader Conny R.

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contacted me a pair of days prior to and also attracted my attention to a Technet forum short article, that addresses this issue. Within the Technet forum thread Office 2016 (MSI installer) volume license incompatible via Visio/Project 2016 from MSDN (Click to run installer) a user created.

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We have encountered a difficulty were we are unable to usage both Office 2016 (MSI installer) and the latest versions of Project and also Visio 2016 from MSDN.

Our academic school has actually a Volume License agreement for Office and also the installers we are offered are MSI based. Our department has a Dreamspark subscription which permits us to install Project and Visio 2016 on computers for non-commercial research and teaching objectives from MSDN. The trouble is that we are unable to install both pieces of software in lab computers bereason MSI installer and also Click to Run installer cannot coexists on the very same machine.

The scenario, some administrators stated to me. Within the above Technet thcheck out, user thenicnic posted a workapproximately.

I found a workabout while I was wondering just how the C2R installer checks if tbelow is Microsoft Office 2016 already set up on the COMPUTER. The assumption was that it just asks the “list of mounted programms” in the regisattempt (it’s the one you can likewise view through regulate panel). I googled for a method to hide Office from this list and also found this manual:

It actually functions this way:

Go to the registry route HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallOffice16.PROPLUS (x86 Office) or HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallOffice16.PROPLUS (x64 Office)Add a DWORD worth dubbed SystemComponent and set it to 1Now make certain that in the manage panel (Programs and Features) Office 2016 is absentYou deserve to install Visio 2016 currently with the C2R installer, after that start it and enter your serialRemove the regisattempt value from step 2 so that the Office 2016 enattempt appears again

Hope this functions for you

I can’t test it right here – but possibly this is quite amazing for administrators in the scholastic atmosphere of colleges. You can give feedearlier whether this works and also is helpful or not.