Microsoft office cannot verify the license for this product 2013

Which of the complying with retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off?

Hi all,

I have actually a user through MS Office 2013 and also they have been running fine via it for over 2 years. On 9/13 their computer system ran Windows upday and also then in the morning of 9/14 they gained attache error stating license couldn"t be confirmed. They are also running Windows 7 Pro. I tried to activate it either through the Phone choice which there was no code to speak to in via. Or via the Internet activation didn"t work. I tried the following actions so much.

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Repair Office 2013 with regulate panel. Didn"t resolve it.Completely rerelocate Office 2013 and also then re-install it. Didn"t settle it.Tried a quick resolve tool from Microsoft to clean up loose Office documents. Then re-install it. Didn"t settle it.

I am thinking of trying the next 2 alternatives. 

System restoreRerelocate Windows updates

Any other concepts are appreciated.

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Try this choice - right click on the regimen icon in the begin menu and also select "run as administrator"


I would attempt device restore to day before 9/13, that need to solve worry. If that solves concern, reapply updates and also see if functions currently.

As for your uninstall / reinstall failed attempt, I am guessing the uninstall is leaving things behind that is corrupting the re-install. Try adhering to link which is how to manually uninstall Office 2013. After this process, try the re-install aacquire. Be sure to reboot computer system prior to trying re-install.

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Hope that helps.

Are you running office in compatibility mode? Follow steps on this link

When Initially installing office 2013, did the product have actually a valid key? if not windows upday from Microsoft will detect software installed through illegal/invalid key for this reason rendering it usemuch less, if they crucial was genuine possibly the upday was a service pack update?? You deserve to try to use Revo or IOlittle Uninstaller which will certainly uninstall and remove any type of leftovers of any type of programs even regisattempt secrets and also remainder papers or folders(You can examine on their main websites on exactly how to usage them). I favor uninstalling utilizing them considering that once you rerelocate a regimen and install it aget, the machine will not detect if it was formerly set up..if this does not work Just save your important data simply to be safe and attempt a system reclaim or roll ago any kind of updates installed which brought about the issue. All the ideal.

Mayneshuman being wrote:

Try this choice - right click the routine symbol in the start menu and choose "run as administrator"

This, or log in as a regional admin and run the licence validation procedure. Most conventional individuals would certainly be restricted and also the product unable to talk back to the licencing server.

Also, are you running any kind of form of web proxy on the device or in your network? It might be blocking traffic talking ago to the licence server.

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I actually just replied to an additional short article (in so many type of words) that Microsoft Support is typically not a lot aid. In this case though, they can be incredibly beneficial. This happens to a handful of workstations eexceptionally time tright here is a major Windows upgrade. We speak to Microsoft, define the situation, and they free up sufficient licenses for us to re-license the problematic PCs. Hope that helps.

Running the licensing tool in command prompt via the /act alternative fixed this worry for me. Change install catalog or Office__ for different versions as necessary:

cscript "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice16OSPP.VBS" /act

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