Microsoft office can t find your license for this application

Hello all! I"m around at my wits finish right here. We have actually 2 individuals (was 3 at one point) who are gaining an error when they usage Office 2016 programs. This error is random in time so it might happen 10 seconds after opening Excel, Word, etc. or it could be 6 hours.

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The error is "Microsoft Office can not find your license for this application. A repair attempt was uneffective or was cancelled. Microsoft Office will now leave."

I have searched high and also low and also tried about 15 various "fixes" all to no avail. So much I have actually attempted:

Uninstalling Office, then running CCleaner/disk cleanup

Running in safe mode

Running as administrator

Running a couple of miscellaneous "cscript" commands I have actually discovered people point out (regulates display that the license is install and is active)

Office 2016 Standard Edition

16.0.4738.1000 32-bit

Friday, February 22, 2019 8:32 PM

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The error “Microsoft Office can’t Find your License for this Application” occurs once the Microsoft application is unable to verify the license of your Office software.Based on your description, I indicate you attempt to repair Office 2016 firstly to have a examine.

OpenControl Panel.FromCategorywatch, underPrograms, selectUninstall a program.Click the Office 2016, and also then clickChange.InChange your installation, selectRepairand then clickContinue.

If the issuepersists, please restart sppsvc.exe to have a check.

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The business “sppsvc.exe” deserve to be easily found in your noted services. We will certainly navigate tbelow, make sure the startup type is “automatic” and also pressure the service to begin immediately.

Press Windows + R, type “solutions.msc” in the dialogue box and push Get in.Once in the services tab, navigate via the list until you find the process"Software Protection". Right-click it and also select “Properties”.If the process is quit, the alternative to begin it will be permitted. Click on “Start” underneath the heading of Service Status.
Make certain you have actually an active internet connection. Cshed all the open up windows and try launching the Office product aobtain. If you have a valid office essential entered, the process will automatically verify it and you will certainly have the ability to use the software.

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If you have actually anything unclear or any updays, feel free to let us recognize.

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