Microsoft mouse and keyboard center no supported device detected

as component of a current windows upday, the irritating and also intrusive intellipoint microsoft computer mouse software currently seems to have been reinserted by the also more irritating and also intrusive "microsoft mouse and key-board center"

I am left handed and also must switch the left and right computer mouse butloads round. the alternative to execute this has actually disappeared from the mouse regulate panel, to be reput by a attach which opens up up sassist mouse and also key-board center. this in turn is a home window which enables me to readjust settings on the key-board however does not have any means to control computer mouse settings

any kind of ideas would certainly be extremely welcome. this is driving me nuts.

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asked Aug 16 "12 at 19:26


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Encertain your computer mouse is on Microsoft"s Mousage and Keyboard Center compatibility list:

Some older Microsoft tools are no longer supported in Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center; however they are still sustained by the IntelliPoint 8.2/IntelliType Pro 8.2 software program.

If you have actually set up the Mouse and Keyboard Center software program and are unable to locate and also connumber your tool, examine the complying with lists of gadgets to confirm which software application supports your gadget. The name of your tool is shown on the underside.

If your device is not sustained by Mousage and also Keyboard Center software program, usage the Control Panel to uninstall it, and also then reinstall the IntelliPoint/IntelliType Pro software.

The complying with table reflects which Microsoft mice are sustained in Microsoft Mousage and also Keyboard Center (v1.1):

Basic Optical Mouse YesBasic Optical Mousage v2.0 YesComfort Optical Mousage 3000 YesCompact Optical Mouse 500 v2.0 YesIntelliMousage Explorer 3.0 YesNatural Wiremuch less Laser Mouse 6000 YesNatural Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 YesNotebook Optical Mouse 3000 YesSideWinder Mousage YesTracksphere Explorer YesTrackball Optical YesWheel Mouse Optical YesWireless Laser Mousage 5000 YesWiremuch less Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0 YesWireless Laser Mousage 7000 YesWiremuch less Laser Mousage 8000 YesWiremuch less Notebook Optical Mousage 4000 YesWireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 YesWiremuch less Optical Mousage 2.0 YesWiremuch less Optical Mouse 2000 YesWireless Optical Mouse 5000 YesSideWinder X5 Mouse YesWireless Mobile Mousage 3000 YesExplorer Mouse YesExplorer Mini Mousage YesSideWinder X8 Mousage YesArc Mousage YesSideWinder X3 Mousage YesWiremuch less Mobile Mouse 6000 YesWiremuch less Mobile Mouse 4000 YesWireless Mousage 5000 YesWiremuch less Mouse 2000 YesComfort Mousage 4500 YesWiremuch less Mobile Mousage 3500 YesArc Touch Mouse YesWiremuch less Mobile Mousage 1000 YesWiremuch less Mobile Mousage 3000 v2.0 YesWiremuch less Mousage 1000 YesTouch Mouse YesExpress Mousage YesComfort Mouse 3000 YesComfort Mouse 6000 YesExplorer Touch Mouse YesComfort Optical Mousage 1000 NoCompact Optical Mousage NoIntelliMousage Explorer 4.0 NoIntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth NoLaser Mouse 6000 NoNotebook Optical Mousage NoOptical Mousage NoOptical Mousage by Starck NoStandard Wiremuch less Optical Mousage NoWireless IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth NoWiremuch less Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 NoWireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000 NoWireless Notebook Optical Mouse NoIntelliMousage NoWiremuch less Notebook Optical Mousage 3000 NoIntelliMouse Optical NoMobile Memory Mousage 8000 NoWireless Laser Mousage 6000 NoWireless IntelliMousage Explorer 2.0 NoWiremuch less IntelliMouse Explorer via Fingerprint Reader NoWheel Mousage No