Microsoft keeps signing me out

I can not number this out. I"m around exhausted of my Office 365for Education2016 programs signing me out. I nearly constantly need to sign earlier right into my account in order to be logged in. Is tbelow a reason why the applications keep signing me out?

I"m running Windows 7, Dual Core AMD 1.00 GHZ processor, 8 GB ram, and AMD Radeon 6250 graphics.

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PLEASE HELP! I"m tired of signing in!

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Hi K-vw,

To narrowhead down the concern, might I firstly confirm the following information?1. Does the concern occur on all Office applications?2. Have you done anything before Office signing you out?3. Can the problem recreated on other customers in your organization?4. Open any kind of applications, click FILE > Account to check if Office has actually been triggered properly.5. What’s the in-depth version of your Office, we have the right to uncover it in the FILE > Account >Product Information.

Please short article back through the information above at your convenience and we will continue to help you based on the update.


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1. yes

2. no. it intermittently indicators me out. it notice it as soon as i open office the following time it does it.

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3. idk. i"m simply a user. i think its a software application problem.

4. yes, set off.

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5. (below)



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Hi K-vw,

I imply you attempt the complying with methods:1. Upgrade Office to the latest version by going to Data > Account > Update Options > Upday Now.2. Clear Cached credential by means of Control Panel > Credential Manager > Windows Credentials and remove all Office related credentials.3. Unisntall Office 2016 completely utilizing the straightforward solve tool and also resinstall it.

At the same time, could you also carry out the complying with indevelopment for troubleshooting?1. Is the problematic account a Work or School account(Office 365 account) or a account(, hotmail,com, etc..)? If feasible, can you test another account to check out whether it is the same?2. When the account is signed-in, deserve to you check out a registry entry concerned the problamtic account under HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareclassiccomputers.infoOffice16.0CommonIdentityIdentities? Click Start > Run > form regedit to open up registry editor.