Microsoft family safety not working

Now unable to set family members safety and security (it is set up--I rerelocated her, re-included her as a household member and set controls online for time, apps, etc). However before my weekly reports indicate NO activity for her. And as soon as I log into her account she have the right to access EVERY internet page.

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I have actually gone through all the suggestions in aforementioned exact same topics but still no controls and no task on weekly reports., the family members safety was the ONLY reason I gained a home windows computer system. I have actually 2 iMacs. All my adhering to computers will be apple unmuch less this is fixed.

I am having actually the exact same problem through a windows 8.1 computer system.

Please settle this.

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A. User
Replied on February 8, 2016
Hi Mom,

Thank you for posting your query in Community.

I understand the inconvenience you are dealing with presently.

I would certainly appreciate if you can administer us the following indevelopment to help us understand the problem much better.

Which internet internet browser are you making use of on the system?

I imply you to login through your parental account and examine if you are able to manage the household settings.

If the concern still persist, it could appears that the Child account is not connumber effectively.I indicate you to remove the Family Safety and configure it aget.

How perform I rerelocate Family Safety?


Now, setup Family Safety.

After creating the child account,you deserve to then go to the Family Safety website, login making use of the parent account and then regulate your child"s constraints and also security choices.

Refer the complying with assist short article.

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Hope the indevelopment helps. Keep us posted on Windows related queries and also we will be happy to assist you better.