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Summary: This blog discusses the feasible reasons behind ‘Microsoft Excel has stopped working’ error and services to settle the error manually. You have the right to usage Stellar Repair for Excel to quickly repair the file and recuperate all its information in a hassle-free manner.

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Has your Microsoft Excel regimen stopped functioning or is acting strange? Excel not responding is a common issue you might suffer on launching the application or opening a spreadsheet.


Figure 1 – Microsoft Excel Has Stopped Working Error Message

Possible Causes behind ‘Microsoft Excel has actually Stopped Working’ Error, and also Solutions Thereof

Note:Several customers have reported about encountering the ‘Excel has actually quit working’ issue on Windows 10, 8, and also 7 OS after installing an update for Excel (KB3118373). If you also have mounted the upday, then uninstall it and also examine if it solves the error. For detailed information, refer to thislink.

Cause 1 – Microsoft Office Excel Application is Outdated

Excel may speak functioning, hang or freeze, if you have actually not mounted MS Office updates.

Systems – Keep Microsoft Office Installation Updated

Setting Windows to immediately downpack and also install the latest (and also recommended) MS Office updates might assist you fix the Microsoft Office Excel has actually quit working problem. Basically, installing the updates helps rearea obsolete documents and fix vulnerabilities which might be leading to troubles with your Excel application.


Figure 2 – Microsoft Office Updates

Clickherefor even more information on installing Office updates.

Cause 2 – Faulty Add-Ins

Add-ins make functioning through Excel application basic, yet they have the right to periodically interfere through the application.

Systems – Disable Faulty Add-Ins

Try founding Excel in safe mode, as it will aid you open the application without add-ins. Do any kind of of the following to begin Excel in safe mode.

Press and hold ‘Ctrl’ key while you open up the regime. ClickOKwhen prompted to open Excel in safe mode.

Figure 3 – Start Excel in Safe Mode Message

Type ‘Excel /safe’ in theRundialog box, and then clickOK.

Figure 4 – Run Window

If the concern is solved, attempt disabling the add-ins by following these steps:

Tip 1:In Excel, clickFile> Options.

Step 2:InExcel Optionswindow, selectAdd-ins.

Tip 3:At the bottom of the ‘View and control Microsoft Office Add-ins’ dialog box, readjust theManagedropdown to COM add-ins. SelectGo.

Figure 5 – Excel COM Add-ins

Step 4:In theCOM Add-insdialog box, unexamine all the checkboxes, and also then chooseOK.

Rebegin Excel and also inspect if it is working. If it is functioning fine, re-permit the add-ins one-by-one (while concurrently rebeginning Excel each time). That method, you deserve to spot which add-in is leading to the difficulty and also disable it for excellent.

Cause 3 –Problematic Macros

Some users have actually reported thatExcel macros inconsistently causes Excel to stop functioning.

Solution – Recompile Macros

Here’s just how you have the right to use macros while staying clear of theMicrosoft Excel stopped workingerror:

Step 1:Launch Excel and also clickDeveloper> Visual Basic.

Figure 6 – Excel Developer Option

Step 2:Go toTools>Options.

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Figure 7 – VBA Editor

Tip 3:When theOptionswindow opens, under theGeneraltab, clear the ‘Compile on Demand’.

Figure 8 – Clear ‘Compile On Demand’ Option

Step 4:In theProjectnavigating pane, right-clickModuleand also selectInsertto add a new module.

Figure 9 – Insert Module in VBA

Step 5:Save your spreadsheet and exit the application.

After percreating these procedures, you won’t encounter the MS Excel not functioning error as soon as making use of macros.

Cause 4 – Virus Infection and Antivirus Integration with Excel

Running outdated antivirus software provides it basic for virprovides to break in, causing Excel to stop working. You could also confront this problem, if your antivirus software program is conflicting through Excel regime.

Equipment – Check if Antivirus Program is Outdated or Conflicting via Excel

Make sure that your antivirus regime is up-to-day to safeguard Excel against new viroffers. Antivirus software program sellers releases latest updays. Make certain to downpack the updates from vendor’s website.

If antivirus regimen contains integration through Microsoft Excel, you may face performance problems. In that situation, disable antivirus software from integrating via your Excel application. Or, rerelocate all antivirus software add-ins from the application and check if it fixes the error.

You have the right to call your antivirus software vendor to help you in removing Excel integration within the antivirus regime.

Caution:Making any kind of changes to the antivirus settings can make your computer system vulnerable to malicious assaults. Use this solution at your very own threat.

Causage 5 – Microsoft Office Installation is Corrupt

Any trouble or corruption within your Microsoft Office suite can likewise outcome inExcel not workingerror.

Solution – Repair MS Office

Try repairing your MS Office installation. Doing so, will repair the Excel application and fix the ‘Microsoft Excel has quit working’ error.

Refer to thislinkfor comprehensive indevelopment on repairing Office application.

Figure 10 – Microsoft Office Repair

Recommended Solution to Recover Excel File

If none of the above-pointed out fixes work, there could be a difficulty within your Microsoft Excel application. Finding precisely what the problem is can take hours, let alone the moment essential to fix it. Therefore, to discover a quick solution without a lot hassle, usage Stellar Repair for Excel software program.

Thisexpert Excel Repair toolhave the right to repair corrupt Excel (XLS/XLSX) file and also restore all its information into a brand-new blank Excel file.

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Backed by effective algorithms, the software program preserves worksheet properties and cell formatting while respanning tables, charts, cell comments, imeras, formulas, and so on It deserve to repair single or multiple XLS/XLSX papers.

Read expert’s evaluation on Stellar Repair for Excel software program fromright here.

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Wrapping Up

Before attempting the above-discussed options, attempt to understand what is causing Microsoft Excel has stopped functioning error in the first place. Once you have actually determined the factor behind the error, you have the right to save time by selecting the ideal solution to your trouble. But, if none of the options works for you, usage Stellar Repair for Excel software program to solve the error. The software helps repair Excel (XLS/XLSX) records and also gain back the data within the documents to its original state.

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