Microsoft excel cannot use object linking and embedding

I"ve a Powershell manuscript to put up user identity of a 32bits DCOM application (Excel 32bits). To carry out that, I"ve supplied a sample of Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 that I"ve compiled DComPerm.exe.

New-Item -Path "$RegPath" -Name "$AppID" -Value "Microsoft Excel Application"Dcomp.exe -runas "$appId" $DomainUser $PasswordEverything appears excellent, just that I intend Excel to throw this exemption as soon as I open it up:

“Cannot usage object linking and also embedding”


This occur only if I manually form mmc comexp.msc /32 and also then browse the component service consingle till I click DCOM Config.

You watching: Microsoft excel cannot use object linking and embedding

(Which is normal I"m running 32-bit Excel application on a 64-little Windows machine)

i don’t recognize exactly how to script that last step.

excel windows powershell-4.0 dcom
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