Microsoft edge and start menu not working

After upgrading to home windows 10 from home windows 8.1, I have actually some concerns. Few days after home windows 10 installation, start menu is not working. It gives following message whenever before I click begin menu.

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Additionally, cortana, web browser edge and even volume manage is not working. Interestingly, other product prefer Chrome, Firefox and other stuff functioning fine.

As photo reflects, "Sign out now", I click that switch. After login, very same trouble still persist. I tried to login Safe Setting, and also booted aobtain to normal mode, however still have no luck.

Please assist me obtain out of this problem.

Note: My device is up-to-date. I update my system on a regular basis. But my problem still persist.

Thanks in breakthrough.

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I appreciate your interest in home windows 10 and additionally for trying troubleshooting steps to deal with problem.I understand the inconvenience you challenged. I will certainly absolutely assist you through this.

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I would imply you to follow the listed below methods to deal with concern.

Method 1.

Try to run the troubleshooter from the connect.

Method 2. Clean Boot.Booting the computer system in a clean boot state have the right to reduce software conflicts and also assist determine the root cause of the issue. You can refer to this write-up for even more information: After troubleshooting, recollection the computer system to start as usual. Refer to the step How to set the computer to begin as usual after clean boot troubleshooting under more information.

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Pleasefollow the actions and check if it helps:

Check for software program that might be causing problems for the Windows user interconfront. If you discover any kind of of the below, please rerelocate it as a test to view if the symptom changes:IDT Audio Norton Antivirus Other software application in Programs and Features that is most likely to hook right into the shell.Open an Administrator CMD home window. If you can’t find a means, usage these steps:Press CTRL+Shift+ESC to open Task Manager. Click Data > Run New Task Make sure you have actually a inspect note beside “Create this job with administrative privileges”Type CMD Type the complying with regulates at the CMD prompt: dism /virtual /cleanup-picture /restorewellness sfc /scannow If EITHER command does not present a great outcome, we must soptimal and also repair Windows. See the last step in the procedure. If dism and also sfc both completed and also display no remaining issues, run these commands:powershellGet-AppXPackage -AllUsers |Where-Object $_.InstallLocation -favor "*SystemApps*" | Foreach Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml"Check to be sure this command ran, confirmed a blue progression indicator and also then returns to the prompt.If you view a red error, then the command also may have been typed or pasted erroneously, or tright here may be an larger problem with Windows 10. Try again.Check to view if the problem is refixed. If not, rebegin the PC. In this situation attempt as a new administrator user account.If the brand-new user additionally falls short we must repair Windows.

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Hope the indevelopment provided was helpful and also carry out let us recognize if you need any type of assistance later. We will be glad to assist.