Microsoft band 2 charging time


The day the announcement was produced Band also 2, I was watching the keynote and maintaining my finger on F5, consistently refreshing my web browser and eagerly waiting for the Band 2 "Coming Soon" page revolve over to an "Order Now" page. The week before launch, I added my crmodify card as a saved card on the Microsoft save. As soon as the web page flipped over, I pulled the cause and scheduled my new edition.

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I"ve worn it eextremely day since November 2, 2015 and also here"s what I"ve learned around the Microsoft Band 2 battery life, including tips on exactly how to store yours running all week long.

Charging the Microsoft Band 2

The Band is conveniently charged by unhinging the clasp and also sliding the gadget off your wrist, then attaching the magnetized charger, which snaps automatically in location. A full charge for a completely depleted battery have to run you much less than two hrs.


Battery Life

Under normal usage, your Band will certainly diminish about 30% per day. This includes obtaining notifications, syncing via your phone, managing music, setting timers and alarms, utilizing the daily heart price tracking and also buying coffee at Starbucks, have to you be so inclined.

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Adding workouts to your day will certainly drive the battery dvery own a tiny more easily, and also I seem to burn around 10% of my battery as soon as I go for a 30 min run with GPS turned on.

Charge Time

The "bottom half" of the battery appears to charge a small quicker than the "peak half". What I intend is that going from 0% to 50% appears to take around 40 minutes or so whereas from the 50% note and also better, the Band 2 charges at a rate of about 1% per minute.

My Routine

The battery on my Band 2 lasts me through the week. While it depletes every day around 30%, I likewise charge it every day throughout my everyday regimen and after workouts while I shower. Here"s a log from my last week of usage starting via a complete charge on Saturday:

Sunday AM: 72%, charged to 91%Monday AM: 66%, charged to 83%Tuesday AM: 51%, charged to 70%Tuesday workout: 60%, charged to 79%Wednesday AM: 63%, charged to 80%Thursday AM: 49%, charged to 64%Thursday workout: 48%, charged to 63%Friday AM: 50%, charged to 65%Saturday AM: 31%, charged to 100%

Basically, I"m charging it when I obtain all set in the AM, which doesn"t rather capture it up for what it lost over the previous day. However before, as soon as I workout, I typically shower thereafter and this provides me an added 15-20 minutes to charge it aobtain. So, interestingly, I actualy usage up the Band also 2 battery less as soon as I"m working out more.

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Cylcing the Charge

Most Saturdays I actually wear my Band until the battery warning goes off, then I plug it in until totally charged. I called right into the Microsoft support line and also asked if this was an excellent practice for using and charging the Band also 2 - essentially letting it run dvery own with the week and also then giving it a finish charge on the weekend. The support technician on the speak to agreed that this was a great strategy and commented that she has actually a similar regime. In the two-and-a-fifty percent months of use, I have actually not watched depreciating performance on the battery life.

Charging Tips

Here"s a couple of things you have the right to execute to store your Band 2 running all week:

Keep your charger plugged in wbelow you acquire prepared in the AMClean the contacts before you attach the charger, and also thouaround after a workoutTry to let it run dvery own when a week and give it a full chargeBuy a second charger if you require one, for instance if you walk or ride to work

Happy fitnessing!