Microsoft background installation ran into a problem

I purchased Office 2016 2 days ago for a brand also brand-new laptop. When I try to open Word or Excel I acquire the message "Background installation ran right into a problem" and neither regime will open up. HELP!!!!!!
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Hi Terry,

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The problem might be because of programs conflicting through Office applications or might be because of the worries via Office installation. Let me aid you with the issue.

Follow the procedures discussed below and also check if it helps:

Step 1: Open Office applications in safe mode:

Example: Open Word in safe mode

CloseWord.Press the Windows key+R on the key-board to openRun window.In Run home window and also typewinword /safe

Note: There is a room between"Winword" and also "/".

If you are able to work-related via Word without any type of trouble then the problem can be because of add-ins. In order to disable the add-ins follow the measures offered below:

In Word, click onFileUnderManage choose COM Add-ins.Click onGO alternatives alongside Manage, uncheck all the add-ins and clickOk.Try to open up Word and also examine if it works fine.

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Note: Similarly follow the procedures to disable add-ins for various other Office applications

Refer to the connect stated which discusses around the similar worry and also inspect if it helps:

Tip 2: Repair Office 2016 installation:

Refer to the connect pointed out to repair Office 2016 installation:

Tip 3: Boot the system in clean boot.

Clean boot is perdeveloped to disable all startup programs and 3rd party solutions on the machine and also check if they are conflicting with the Office regime.

Refer to the connect mentioned to boot the system in clean boot:

Note: After checking in clean boot encertain to reboot the system in normal mode which is explained in the exact same article.

If Office applications occupational fine in clean boot then follow the complete article, percreate advanced clean boot to check which routine is causing the dispute. Once you have actually found the problem regimen, call proper technological support team to update the program.

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Hope it helps. Please write-up us if you require any kind of additionally assistance through Office products.