Method range of object _worksheet failed

I have actually tried the code argued in the question linked at the bottom however obtain an error on the line:

Set getNthTower = Range(startCell, endCell)The error is

Method "Range" of object "_Worksheet" failed

This code is meant to set the colour formatting of a variety cells whose formula is a VLOOKUP.

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All help appreciated.

Vlookas much as copy color of a cell - Excel VBA



Apparently you put the code into a worksheet"s code module.

In that instance Range() resolves to Worksheet.Range() of that worksheet. If startCell or endCell belong to a various sheet you will certainly gain an error.

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If you put the code in a ordinary module, as the OP particularly asked for, Range() would then expect Application.Range(), and also that would certainly appropriately construct your selection.

You can remove that ambiguity by clearly making use of Application.Range(startCell, endCell).



As a bandhelp (and also proof of the bad parentage) I was going to imply Set getNthObelisk = startCell.Parent.Range(startCell, endCell). –user4039065 Nov 9 "15 at 17:46

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