Merge xbox live account with microsoft account

Hi, i would certainly favor to merge my old offline xbox360 account with my newer online xbox360 account bereason i have actually 1000 points that i would favor to be moved. Is this feasible, has actually this been asked countless times before? :/

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Hello blastaball! I do apologize for any type of inconvenience yet you aren"t able to merge accounts or tranfer any type of Points from one to the other.

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It"s feasible to merge an offline gamer profile with your profile, however it will take some gamertag juggling. Unfortunately, it"s not possible to merge 2 online propapers right into a solitary account; this procedure is only for gamers that have actually built up offline achievements before joining Xbox Live.


Open your gamer profile from the Xbox Dashboard or Guide and pick "Edit Gamer Profile." We"ll usage "Player1" as a gamertag.

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Select "Profile Name" and enter a brand-new gamer profile name, prefer "Player2," then authorize out of the Xbox Dashboard.Select the "Xbox Live" banner in the Xbox Live location of the Dashboard, then pick "Join Xbox Live" and also follow the ondisplay instructions.Get in your original gamertag ("Player1," for this process) when triggered. You should obtain a "Gamertag in use" message. Select the "Recover Gamertag" alternative and follow the ondisplay screen instructions. You"ll be asked to develop an Xbox Live membership during this process; be sure to create a totally free Silver membership, as other membership forms price money. Have your Passport Network-related password and email address obtainable for this action.Repeat measures 1 and also 2 to change the name of your brand-new gamertag to somepoint besides the two gamertags supplied so far, say "Player3." Sign out of the Dashboard.Sign ago into the Dashboard utilizing your original profile (recalled "Player2,") then easily readjust the profile name ago to your original profile name ("Player1.") Your games and also accomplishments will certainly currently be connected with your original gamertag.Repeat step 4 to join Xbox Live utilizing your original gamertag. You"ll should set up an additional Passport Netjob-related account in the time of signup, given that your original account will certainly continue to be linked to the "Player3" gamertag. You have the right to delete the "Player3" account from your Xbox, since you probably will not be using it.