Merge partitions without losing data


2. Select the partition that requirements to be linked (Partition E) and click OK.

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Note: as extended, C drive cannot be merged to other drives. If youchoose C partition below, all data on D drive will certainly be stored to C:d-drive.

3. Preview the result. Click Apply and then Proceedto commit the pfinishing procedure. A reboot is compelled.



You deserve to only merge two surrounding partitions of the very same physical tough drive.If the 2 partitions execute not contiguous, you deserve to redimension one of the partitions alittle to geneprice a small component of unallocated room. And then, use MovePartition to readjust their place.

How to merge partitions without shedding information using DiskManagement?

In Disk Management, you have the right to delete and also redimension partition to attain the goal. However before, to guarantee information security, you have to perdevelop apartition volume backup or file backup before taking additionally measures. Next off, delete that partition togeneprice unallocated area. Finally, extend volume to that room. Here come thedetailed measures of merging C and D drive too.

1. Backup or copy papers on the D drive to a safeplace.

2. Press Victory + R to start Run. Type diskmgmt.msc andpush Go into to open up Disk Management.

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3. Right click D drive and also select DeleteVolume. All information on the partition will certainly be wiped. Click Yes to continue.


4. You’ll gain an unallocated area. Right click C driveand also select Extend Volume. Follow the wizard to completeextfinishing.


5. The partition is extfinished. Now, you have the right to regain therecords to the C drive.


You have the right to just merge 2 nearby partitions on the exact same physical harddrive.

C drive cannot be merged to D drive given that it includes operating system.

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That is a small roundabout however still beneficial. The Cdrive is enlarged finally and the data on D drive does not shed. The extendprocedure can additionally be completed through Diskcomponent. Click to learn just how to extfinish partition in Diskcomponent.