Media creation tool error 0x80072f76 - 0x20017

I acquire an error once opening Windows 10 Media Creation Tool: 0x80072F76 - 0X20017.

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The tool has actually just been downloaded from Microsoft"s main website and also I am trying to run it from a Windows 10 computer.


I contacted Microsoft phone assistance and also it is a netoccupational error (an error code that appears once Terms and also Conditions cannot be shown for user to read and also accept them).

Proposed options by Microsoft agent:

Copy installer to Deskheight.Run in Windows 8 compatibility mode.Run in Windows 7 compatibility mode.Restart and run in Windows 8 compatibility mode.Finally, what operated for me: setup netoccupational adapter"s IPv4 configuration to use DNS server

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It is a problem betweeen Microsoft and also some ISPs (mainly in Spain), they and also working on it but deserve to be bypassed using DNS server

Other solutions I could rean on the Internet (deactivating antivirus, setting default web browser to Microsoft Edge...) didn"t job-related.


I had actually the same difficulty in the US in The golden state, my organization provider is AT&T and if I use their DNS and I gain the same error as soon as the tool tries to get EULA disclaimer. By changing the DNS to and also the problem goes amethod. Apparently the AT&T DNS does not recognize the MS server necessary for this step.


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