Malwarebytes anti-exploit not starting

I started obtaining " Anti-Exploit Protection is not started. The Anti-Exploit Process will certainly Be Terminated" after this morning"s Windows 10 x64 update (now 10586.122).

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I discovered this solved-mbae-protection-is-not-started-the-anti-exploit-process-will-be-terminated. So i unmounted, retarted, tried to rerelocate the folders (files and data), couldn"t carry out it. Ran the clean-mbae.bat as administrator: how-to-remove-mbae-leftovers-after-uninstall/. It states it operated fine, I rebooted, yet the documents are still tright here.


Tried to reinstall any kind of means. Told me it might problem with EMET. Unmounted EMET. Restarted. Did install aacquire. Problem persists. Unmounted. Restarted.


Tried to zip up the routine data folder, can not access it. can not copy it.

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Tried to take ownership of this folder, can not carry out that either.



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AdvancedSetup 464

Posted August 11, 2016

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Posted August 19, 2016

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AdvancedSetup 464

Posted August 19, 2016

That"s great news

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Posted August 23, 2016

4 weeks later on...

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Glad you were able to settle your worry, and say thanks to you for updating us on the cause.

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KeZa 0

Posted September 18, 2016

tommytiko 0

I have actually the exact same trouble right here and also I have actually ask this to but it appears that tright here is no resolve for it on Xp. I have actually done all what they ask below and nothing has actually helped so I"m now without any manipulate. I have actually below a HIPS regimen choose malware defender and also through AV + Comoperform firewall + Emsisoft AM. I had actually here additionally EMET but I have actually uninstalled it for to view if this was the trouble yet is seems currently that the pc is running much better so no EMET for me on Xp. I had below likewise HMPalert yet that was a total mess. To much for a P4 3.5Mhz via Xp Pro. But you think that it was Acronis? Well I have actually it below also on my pc but it"s stselection that this regime does make that MBAE will certainly not install? I have tested it below via all solutions off and the difficulty remains. So it seems that Acronis has nopoint to carry out through it.