Make a scatter plot in google sheets

Visualization devices like charts and graphs are really valuable in giving better insights right into your information.

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A scatter plot is one such visualization tool that helps you make various types of inferences around your data distribution.

In this tutorial, we will certainly learn just how to make a scatter plot in Google Sheets.

What is a Scatter Plot?

A scatter plot (also referred to as a scatter chart) is a visualization tool that plots data points along a horizontal and also vertical axis.

This helps you deduce at a glance a number of different things:

You deserve to actually watch how the data points are distributed. You can understand also how the data variables relate to one another. You can recognize trends in the information circulation. You deserve to recognize exactly how individual information points correlate with respect to the fads in the information.

For example, suppose you have the height and also weight information for 20 civilization.

You have the right to plot this data on a scatter plot in Google Sheets and view how these two are associated.


The utility of a scatter plot will end up being more obvious when you see how it’s made.

How to Make a Scatter Plot In Google Sheets

Google Sheets renders it really straightforward to develop attractive and also intuitive scatter plots via just a couple of clicks.

To understand also how to make a Scatter plot in Google sheets, we are going to usage the elevation and weight information displayed in the photo below:


This dataset includes data on the elevation vs. weight of randomly selected guys. We want to create a Scatter plot to understand also how the two variables are regarded one another.

To make the histogram for the above information, follow these steps:

Select the information you desire to visualize in your scatter plot. You deserve to also include the cells containing the column titles. In our example, let’s pick the cell range A1:B22. Click the Insert food selection from the menu bar.
Select the Chart choice.
This will display screen a chart on the worksheet and a Chart editor sidebar on the appropriate side of the home window.
Google generally tries to understand your selected data and also display screens the chart it thinks is the finest depiction for it. Ideally, it need to screen a Scatter Chart. However before, if you view some other type of chart, go to action 6. To transform it to a Scatter Chart, select the Setup tab from the Chart editor sidebar and click the dropdown menu under “Chart type”.
From the chart options that you check out, choose the “Scatter chart”. It need to be visible under either the “Suggested” or the “Other” category. You should now watch a Scatter Plot on your worksheet.

You can currently view exactly how the height-weight data points are dispersed on a 2-dimensional space.

But simply looking at points doesn’t really offer much insight. So, you can look for fads in your information by adding a trend line throughout the Scatter chart.

This will serve three purposes:

You deserve to check out if there really is a strong correlation between height and weight. The closer the bulk of data points are to the straight line, the more powerful the correlation.
You can watch patterns in the information (if any), whether tbelow is an upward or downward trend in weights as the heights boost. You have the right to discover out which data points are also far amethod from the trendline and also identify them as outliers.

Tright here are plenty of other inferences that you can make from the scatter chart once you have actually a trfinish line calculated and also presented. Google Sheets percreates all the background calculations to offer you the optimal trfinish line.

Adding a trend line

To include a trend line to your scatter chart, you will certainly need to use the Chart Editor.

When you develop a chart, the Chart Editor is typically obtainable as a side toolbar on Google Sheets. However, sometimes the Chart editor goes ameans after your chart has actually been created.

To make it appear aget, perform the following:

Click on the graph. You should check out an ellipsis (or hamburger icon) on the optimal appropriate edge of package containing the graph.

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Click on the ellipsis and pick “Edit the chart” from the drop-down food selection.
This will make your Chart editor sidebar show up aobtain.

The Chart editor has actually a ‘Customize’ tab that lets you enter all the customization settings for your chart.

We are going to usage this Customize tab to include a trfinish line to the scatter chart. Follow these steps:

Click on the Customize tab of the Chart Editor.
Select the Series drop-down food selection.

You need to currently watch a trfinish line presented on your scatter chart.


Other Trend Line Options

Once you inspect the Trfinish line checkbox, you will alert a new set of connected alternatives under it. These alternatives let you customize the trend line according to your requirement.

For example:

You have the choice to select the color that you want for your trend line. In our example, we collection the trfinish line to red for comparison.
You additionally have the alternative to set the thickness and also opacity of the trfinish line. You have the right to set the type of trend line you desire. You have the choice to insert a linear, exponential, polynomial, and relocating average trfinish line among others. For each form of trend line that you pick, you may obtain a different collection of other choices too. Finally, the Label option is interesting. You have the right to either collection it to ‘none’ (in which situation tbelow will be no label), ‘custom’ (in which situation you will acquire a customizable legend for the trfinish line or ‘Use equation’ (in which instance you have the right to actually display the equation for the trfinish line).

Using the trend line equation, you have the right to easily extrapolate and find y-worths for any kind of selected allude on the trend line, given an x-worth (or vice-versa).


Customizing the Scatter Chart in Google Sheets

Besides adding a trend line, tbelow are plenty of various other customization alternatives accessible for you to use to your scatter chart. Here are some of the points that you have the right to do:

Change the Chart Style

The Chart style category in the Chart editor allows you change the background color, border color, font style, and dimension of your chart.

Chart and also Axis Titles

This category lets you provide the text and formatting for the chart title and also subtitles and axis titles.


The Series category lets you pick the colors for the points in the Scatter plot. This becomes even more advantageous when you desire to compare different variable distributions in one scatter chart.

For instance, you can have actually various colored scatter points for weights of guys and also womales non one chart, as presented below:


You can usage various colors for various variables.

You have the right to additionally inspect the Error bars alternative to view how reputable or ‘on-trend’ each information allude is.



The Legfinish category, as its name argues, allows you carry out settings and formatting for the scatter chart legfinish.

Horizontal and Vertical Axes

You can usage this category to:

Change the message shade of the entire chart Change the font for the horizontal and/or vertical axis. Set the font size for the x and/or y-axis values. Make the x and/or y-axis worths bold and/or italicized. Display the x or y-axis as labels, rather than numeric values.

Gridlines and also Ticks

This category allows you format the scatter chart to contain significant and/or minor gridlines.

You have the right to additionally set what colors you want the gridlines and also ticks to be, or pick to not have actually them at all.


In this tutorial, we demonstrated just how to make a scatter plot in Google Sheets, and also exactly how to include a trendline in the scatter chart to draw helpful inferences from your information.

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I hope you gain producing and also enhancing your scatter charts on Google Sheets and also have actually fun exploring your data.