Lock bitlocker drive without restarting

BitLocker is a good tool for encrypting data storage drives on Computers. When a drive is safeguarded by BitLocker, you have the right to lock it so that anyone demands to unlock the drive through the correct essential to access it. This protects the drive from unauthorized access.

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However, one difficulty is that BitLocker doesn’t provide any kind of options for users to instantly lock BitLocker drives that are unlocked. You need to restart the Windows system for the BitLocker drives to lock automatically, which is somewhat inconvenient. So, is tbelow any type of means to conveniently lock a BitLocker defended drive without restarting Windows? The answer is Yes. Now I’ll share three straightforward ways to easily lock a BitLocker drive without restarting Windows 10.


Way 1: Lock BitLocker drive using Command Prompt

Tip 1: Type cmd in the “Type right here to search” box beside the Start switch. When the Command Prompt shortreduced appears in the search results, right-click it and also select Run as administrator. This will certainly open an elevated Command Prompt in Windows 10.



Step 2: In the Command Prompt home window, kind manage-bde -lock D: and also push Enter. This will lock the BitLocker drive immediately without refounding Windows.



Way 2: Lock BitLocker drive using Bat file

Tip 1: Right-click the desktop and also choose New > Text Document to produce a new blank text document.

Step 2: Open the message document, form in manage-bde -lock D: (rearea D through the drive letter you want to lock without rebeginning Windows).

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Tip 4: When the Save As dialog opens, pick All Files from the “Save as type” menu and also readjust the file name suffix to .bat. Then choose one area (such as Desktop) to conserve the .bat file and also click Save.

Step 5: A.bat file has been produced on the desktop. Whenever before you want to lock the drive, simply right-click the .bat file and also select Run as administrator.

Way 3: Lock BitLocker drive with iSumsoft BitLocker Reader

The above two methods are reliable, yet can not be concise sufficient, particularly for computer system novices. Now, here comes a handy tool — iSumsoft BitLocker Reader. It permits you to instantly lock a BitLocker drive by sindicate right-clicking on the drive. Follow these easy actions.

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It lists all the disks linked to the COMPUTER and screen the volume indevelopment of each disk, just choose you watch in This PC (or My Computer). Right-click the BitLocker drive and select Lock Drive from the context menu.

Original resource: https://www.isumsoft.com/windows-10/lock-bitlocker-drive-without-restarting-windows-10.html