Lock and unlock screen sounds

Recently, we saw how to make Windows 10 play the Lock sound. Today we will certainly make the OS play the unlock sound. The equivalent trick can be offered to revived the absent attribute in Windows 10. Here we go.

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Eextremely release of Windows has actually played sounds for assorted occasions. In Windows NT-based systems, tright here was a startup sound and separate logon sound, together with shutdvery own, lock/unlock and also logoff sounds. The user could assign all these sounds from Control Panel -> Sound. Starting via Windows 8, sounds for these occasions have actually been eliminated virtually entirely.

Why Windows 10 does not play the sounds

In Windows 10, Microsoft concentrated on making Windows boot and shut dvery own much faster. Developers of the OS had entirely removed the sounds which play at logon, log off and also shutdown. Even if you assign sounds to the occasions for "Exit Windows", "Windows Logon" and "Windows Logoff" or attempt to reclaim these occasions making use of the Regisattempt, they will not play. There is the official statement from Microsoft which describes the situation.

"We rerelocated these sound occasions for performance reasons. We pay a lot of attention to how conveniently the machine powers on, powers off, goes to sleep, resumes from sleep, and so on As component of speeding this up, we experiment a lot via what procedure is in manage of the startup and also shutdvery own sounds. In an interim construct of Windows 8 while it was under advancement, we were able to speed things up significantly by relocating the shutdown sound from Explorer.exe (which is running while you’re still logged on) to Logonui.exe (which is the process that shows the "Shutting down" circle.)

However relocating the shutdvery own sound this late began running right into various other difficulties. The code we usage to play the sound (the PlaySound API) requirements to review from the regisattempt (to watch what the preferences for this sound were) and from the disk (to read the .wav file), and we ran right into worries where the sound was unable to play (or acquired cutoff halfway) because we had shut down the registry or the disk already! We might have spent time recreating the API yet we decided the safest and also many performant thing to execute was to remove the sound altogether."

The unlock sound

Here are instructions to play the Unlock sound. This is a sound that Windows plays once you unlock your user session/workterminal.

The procedure involves numerous measures. We have to develop a unique VBScript file which will play the sound, then produce a task in Task Scheduler to play it at the lock the workstation event. Here is how.

Create a VBScript File to play the Lock sound

Open Notepad and paste the complying with lines into it.

Set oVoice = CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")set oSpFileStream = CreateObject("SAPI.SpFileStream")oSpFileStream.Open "C:WindowsMediaWindows Unlock.wav"oVoice.SpeakStream oSpFileStreamoSpFileStream.CloseSave this file everywhere via a .VBS expansion. For example, "UnlockSound.vbs".

Double-click the file you"ve created and also ensure that it plays your sound file.This is a basic VBScript for Windows to play any sound using the Speech API. I prefer this technique because it does not depend on loading some sluggish regimen such as Windows Media Player or any type of third-party app to play the sound.

In this manuscript, I am utilizing the default sound file, C:WindowsMediaWindows Unlock.wav. You can use any file you want. Just modify the appropriate line.

Tip: In the Notepad"s Save dialog, include the file name to quotes to encertain that you are conserving the file through the VBS file extension and not TXT.


Now we must produce a special Task Scheduler task to play this sound. Task Scheduler is able to run tasks at the "unlock the workstation" event, so specifying our manuscript as the task"s activity will certainly make it play the sound eincredibly time you unlock your desktop computer.

Play the Lock Sound in Windows 10

Click the Task Scheduler symbol.
In the Task Scheduler library, click on the Create Task... connect on the best.

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In Create Task dialog, fill in the Name box some coherent text favor "Play Unlock sound".
Set the choice Configure for: Windows 10 as presented above.Switch to the Triggers tab and also click on the New... switch.
Set the event for the create to On workstation unlock.
Switch to the Actions tab and also click the New... switch.
In the next dialog, collection the action kind to Start a program.In the Program box, specify wscript.exe as the regimen.Type the complete route to your VBScript file into the Add debates text box.
Switch to the Conditions tab and disable the option Start the job just if the computer is on AC power.
Click on the OK button to produce the task.

Note: If your operating mechanism is preventing you from conserving your job because of a empty password, you deserve to add a password to your user account or disable the restriction in Local Security Policy under Administrative tools.

You are done!


This recently assigned sound will play when you lock your computer system.

To test the sound in action, just push the Win + L keys. This will certainly work your workstation.


Now, unlock it. You need to hear the sound.

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Tip: For extra sound papers, inspect out the WinSounds.com web website. It comes with a large collection of sounds for Windows.

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