Lenovo thinkcentre beep codes 3-3-3-3

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I found this X60 in my company"s dumpster and believed I would certainly refurbish it by replacing the crappy key-board and cracked palm remainder. It appears to run Windows 8.1 pretty smoothly. The only issue I have had actually so far is as soon as it reboots, it beeps 1-3-3-1 and empty display screens. It doesn"t take place once booting from cold. Any concepts where to start? It"s a controllable difficulty however would certainly be nice to acquire it resolved. Thanks.
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Welcome to classiccomputers.info.com!The 1-3-3-1 beep code indicates that the device has detected a memory difficulty. That it works once cold however then has actually an concern later on (when it has actually warmed up some), commonly points to a marginal memory tool on one (or both) of the memory modules. Download a copy of memtest86+, boot the system through the CD or USB drive and let the diagnostic run for some time. Make certain you just have actually ONE module installed when you run the diagnostic. Allow the program to finish at least 3 passes through every one of the "patterns". If no errors are detected, relocate that module to the opposite memory slot and repeat trial and error. If it aacquire passes, that means the module and also both slots are great. Repeat experimentation on the second module.I would certainly NOT run the device while this difficulty exists. I would certainly not take into consideration it "manageable" because you can be getting a memory corruption even if it shows up that the OS is running okay. Sooner or later the device will certainly accessibility the poor memory and that might result in an error in some of your information or random freezes or blue screens.edit: Ala lot of forgot to offer you a pointer to the software program
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Re: BIOS beeps 1-3-3-1 once rebooting

#3 Postby Saucey » Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:23 am

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I heard that beep once I tried to boot a spare x61t...Opened up the ram and also it didn"t have actually any type of in it.
Maybe the ram isn"t seated appropriately, however works fine once cold.