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ThinkCentre M72e and also Edge72 devices might fail to complete POST with 2 brief beeps and then power off automatically

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TITLE:ThinkCentre M72e and Edge72 systems may fail to finish POST with two brief beeps and also then power off automaticallySYMPTOM:ThinkCentre M72e and also Edge72 devices might fail to complete POST, but the mechanism fans continue to run on normal speed. The user may hear 2 short beeps after 8-10 seconds and then the system will power off instantly about 30-35 secs after pushing the power button.AFFECTED CONFIGURATIONS:ThinkCentreAFFECTED SYSTEMS:M72eEdge72SYSTEM IS CONFIGURED WITH:System BIOS F1KT57A or earlierOPERATING SYSTEMS:All Operating SystemsSOLUTION:Do not replace any type of hardware for this concern. Perdevelop the adhering to steps to recover the mechanism from a failing problem and then perdevelop the Flash BIOS upday procedure. 1. Remove all media from the drives and turn off all attached devices and also the device. Then, disconnect all power cords from the electric outallows and disconnect all cables that are associated to the system. 2. Remove the mechanism cover. 3. Locate the Clear CMOS/Recoincredibly jumper on the mechanism board. See "Locating parts on the system board". 4. Rerelocate any type of parts and also disconnect any cables that could proccasion your access to the Clear CMOS/Recoexceptionally jumper. 5. Move the jumper from the conventional place (Pin 1 and also Pin 2) to the maintenance position (Pin 2 and Pin 3). 6. Reinstall any type of parts and also reattach any type of cables that have been rerelocated or dislinked. 7. Reinstall the mechanism cover and reaffix the power cords for the mechanism and monitor. 8. Turn on the mechanism. 9. Wait 10-15 seconds for the system to immediately revolve off. 10. Repeat Step 1 via Tip 4. 11. Move the jumper earlier to the standard position (Pin 1 and Pin 2). 12. Reinstall any type of parts and reattach any type of cables that have been removed or disconnected. 13. Reinstall the device cover and also reaffix power cords and also all other exterior cables. 14. Turn on the device to rebegin the operating device. Then, shutdown the mechanism. 15. Percreate the normal Flash BIOS upday procedure utilizing the present variation F1KT65A, or later on, located at the adhering to URL: http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/information.page?DocID=DS029433 16. Turn on the device to restart the operating device.