Lenovo laptop making buzzing noise



Dear Community,

This is my initially write-up right here and also I hope it does not go sidemethods. Good to accomplish you all. 


Regarding my post: I was not able to uncover a similar problem to mine on the internet and neither right here. I experienced some write-ups for the y520 but it showed up that tbelow was a various concern through some buzzing noise from the speakers.

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Context: I freshly bought a classiccomputers.info Legion y740 15 inch with a 2070 maxQ GPU and I"ve been doing various sort of tests and also played some various sort of games till now on it. The initial instalation was done through the drivers that were offered in the lapheight. Windows is as much as date, drivers are up to day from classiccomputers.info website.


The problem is that tright here is a buzzing noise in certain situations in only particular games. It is like an electrical buzzing noise which is kind of creepy. It sounds prefer a it is going to short circuit quickly.

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It shows up as it doesnt issue if it is plugged in or not, it does not come from the speakers, the sound is tright here even if tright here is no peripheral plugged into it. So I deserve to take out the possibility of a faulty port from the lappeak or peripheral connector. Sometimes I have the right to hear some buzzing noise in my headphones too, favor a small component of the hiss that is happening tbelow is transmited up the headphones, but it"s bearly audible.


Since I play mostly World of Tanks, I regulated to view that in this game I constantly have the noise as soon as I am in the lobby of the game (in the garage). It is in my expertise that the game is making use of Ray Tracing technology in the garage and also to test that I have actually lowered the graphics quality of the game to medium and also most of the "sophisticated stuff" decaused. Tright here was no more hissing sound. About in-game, I did not really noticed it. To be fair the fans are cranking up also and it would certainly be harder to hear it.

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I am attaching a video that I took with my phone and you can hear fairly well the noise. I am pressing ALT+TAB so you can alert the distinction between Deskoptimal and also In Game mode.


Buzzing noise video - Legion y740What I might deduce till now is that it can be a GPU issue? If it was a software concern there need to not be a physical audible sound, right? To me it really sounds favor tbelow is some connector in the lapheight that is not connected/stiched appropriately, can it be a hardware issue?

I am really uncertain of it. Did any kind of of you had actually a comparable worry or recognize even more around this, I would appreciate it a lot!