Lenovo beep codes 3 short 1 long

Just gained my parental fees a brand-new Lenovo H430 desktop computer around a month earlier and they dubbed me this day to let me recognize that it's not booting and also it's offering them some beep error. Sounds prefer 3 brief and 1 long when they put the phone approximately it and also had me listen. Research argues they might have somepoint to execute through the computer's RAM.

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Any idea what I have the right to do to fix this or what may have actually led to it? There's not a chance in hell they were messing roughly with anything under the hood, so I understand there's no opportunity that they included more RAM or anypoint choose that. Some other things I stumbled upon on the internet seem to suggest that I simply need to rerelocate and also reinsert the RAM and that might settle it.

Seems odd to me that this would occur in a store-bought desktop. Any advice is appreciated.

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7 years ago
Without discovering what bios they have, best guess is faulty ram. To dominion it in or out, they can attempt re-seating them choose you shelp (long shot, but might obtain lucky) or try booting via one ram module one at a time to see which one went poor.

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7 years ago

Try web page 32 at this link


if you feel favor reading it below...

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4 beeps Motherboard timer not operational.

Fatal error indicating a serious trouble via the mechanism. Consult your system manufacturer. Before declaring the motherboard past all hope, eliminate the possibility of interference by a malfunctioning add-in card. Rerelocate all expansion cards except the video adapter.

• If beep codes are created when all various other growth cards are lacking, consult your system manufacturer’s technological assistance.

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• If beep codes are not created as soon as all various other expansion cards are missing, among the add-in cards is resulting in the malfeature. Insert the cards back right into the mechanism one at a time until the problem happens aget. This will reveal the malfunctioning card.

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