Laptop only turns on when plugged in

My lapoptimal (COMPAQ) will shut dvery own as shortly as it is unplugged, also though it is fully-charged. And it will certainly not switch on unmuch less it is plugged.

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I assumed it would certainly be as a result of overheating and started utilizing an exterior cooler, yet still the same point is recurring.

Can anyone imply me to solve this problem?
Fix power intake problems and also extend the lapoptimal battery life
People are saying definitive things right here without definitive indevelopment. I"m not going to carry out that, yet I execute suspect the problem is your battery – sounds favor it"s swarm. It"s been almost 3 years since any type of laptop was offered under the Compaq brand also, so I suspect that"s the instance.

But, as I said, I do not have actually sufficient information to say definitively – it might well be a power monitoring problem. Try turning on the computer and also adhering to the instructions to enter set up. Then leave the computer on until the battery dies totally. After this, charge it and also view if that assisted. Best of luck.
That was the factor I said him to take it to the nearest HP customer care outlet and gained negatively dinged. :D But the good thing is that world have actually started believing that they will certainly get all their reoptions at MOU answers. :)
There is nopoint wrong through the lapoptimal, battery, or computer, it is a power management establishing. If you go to screen properties, choose the display saver tab, then click the "power" switch, in the power schemes field is a drop down home window, click on it and select "Rixane Power Scheme", it is a power switching energy that easily switches in between AC and also Battery once the power cable/charger is plugged in or unplugged while the lappeak is on. If you have it set to "always on" it will certainly shut off once you pull the power cord, also if the battery is charged. This will also occur on many non-HP laptop computers, if you do not have a HP lapoptimal or there is not a "Rixane" alternative obtainable, choose the "Portable/Laptop" power scheme. Hope this helps!

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I"ve had a comparable worry, has actually your computer system been close to water recently?

If your laptop is still under warranty give HP a call (bereason HP owns the COMPAQ brand also and makes all their products) otherwise,

It might be that the battery is no longer really holding a charge, no issue what the computer system clintends, in this instance you"d must purchase a brand-new battery you deserve to buy one from the OEM (in this case HP) which will certainly more than likely price roughly $120 or purchase a "chinese equivalent" on ebay for much less than $40.
attempt to recollection cmos battery likewise check if there is upday for BIOS, you deserve to additionally perform the factory settings (first execute backup of documents given that all will be erased and windows will be reinstalled).

Would extremely recommfinish you to take it to the nearest HP customer treatment outlet for a quick resolution.


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