Laptop only charges when closed

I have a lappeak that does not charge once it is turned on and also plugged in yet when it is off, it charges simply fine.

any possible explanation for this behavior? I have actually not viewed it before, can it be that it takes also much charge when turned on however when it is off the AC adapter is able to save charging the battery since it is not requiring draw?

what is the finest way to uncover out?

appreciate any type of answers give thanks to you!

It is an HP lapheight running WIndows 10 likewise.

EDIT: tright here appears to be some damage on the side of the lappeak alongside the charging port. and also the battery does not continue to be in on its own... however it still charges once turned off which is stvariety to me.

Which of the following retains the information it's storing once the system power is turned off?





Is the charger producing enough to power and charge and also the exact same timeIve viewed Dell chargers fail and drop to a reduced wattage and exhilittle bit this characteristic

Depfinishing on if the AC adapter port is simply the recepticle to motherboard or if there is a sepaprice logic board that it connects to. I have actually seen this issue miscellaneous times on multiple laptops. Many constantly because of damage from being dropped while plugged in.

Also, as mentioned you can test the charging adapter to encertain it is putting out the correct voltage, etc.

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I"d attempt through a different charger if obtainable, or if you do not have actually one spare obtain a multimeter on the end of the charger and check the outputs complement what"s stated on the label.

Good luck.

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I have actually dozens of HP laptop computers that have actually the same problem. I"ve operated via a number of HP techs over the previous 3 years to attempt and also solve it, and also we have actually never before been able to reliably. They think it is a difficulty via Microsoft"s ACPI power vehicle drivers being incompatible via the firmware for the charging circuitry, and a few times deleting that from the Device Manager appeared to fix it for a short while, yet it has ultimately went back on all laptops that ever displayed that same difficulty.

FWIW, I"ve tested multiple replacement chargers, chargers that are functioning on various other laptops (exactly the very same models), and also even sent some off to the HP repair depot multiple times, and also it"s not a charger trouble or a circuit difficulty - I execute think it"s a trouble through the firmware and also HP simply can not get it fixed.

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Jim Schuuz has actually presented it is not the charger. On patp2 laptop tbelow might be damaged circuiattempt close to the charging port that can cause the problem yet, aget Jim Schuuz appears to have presented that this is unlikely. If it is the Windows 10 firmware then you can attempt a live Linux distro to see if the fault persist. If it does then it points to the battery hardware and inner procedures that causes the worry. If you do not acquire the fault with Linux then it suggests that Windows has the trouble.

EDIT. Forgot to cite this. As I understand also it the battery device has to safely job-related once the lapheight is working in simply BIOS/UEFI mode and also as soon as it is working through an OS. The battery system hregarding make sure that the battery does not acquire to warm, attempt to overcharge, etc. Inside it has its own easy processor through firmware to tell it what to perform and also a serial port to connect with the lappeak. The battery and also most likely the BIOS/UEFI system manage all the events via the battery and it should be completely independent of the loaded OS. We shall check out if someone carries out the Live Linux examine.