Keyboard not working in safe mode

If you want to boot your computer into Safe mode, you have to rebegin it, push an essential on the keyboard -- F8 in many situations -- and then pick the Safe Setting choice and also push Get in. If your key-board doesn"t job-related, Windows will boot typically and also will certainly not enter Safe Mode. You deserve to, but, change the boot settings from Windows so that the computer system will go straight to Safe Setting after a rebegin. In this situation, you do not need a key-board.

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Mouse over the lower left edge of the Windows display screen and right-click once you check out the Start pointer to display screen the Power User food selection. Choose "Control Panel" from the menu to launch the energy.

Click the "System and also Security" connect and also then the "Administrative Tools" link to open the Administrative Tools folder.

Double-click the "System Configuration" shortcut to open the System Configuration window.

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Click the "Boot" tab and then examine the "Safe boot" box. Click the "Minimal" radio switch under Safe Boot and also then "Apply" and "OK" to use the brand-new settings and also cshed the System Configuration window.

Restart your computer system and do not touch anything. Windows will boot in safe mode by default.

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Information in this post applies to Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Procedures might vary slightly or significantly via other versions or products.
To boot into Safe Mode via Netfunctioning mode, click the "Network" radio switch instead of the "Minimal" switch.
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