Keyboard and mouse work in bios not windows 10

Basically what happens is I boot my COMPUTER that I put together, and also it functions. The key-board and also mouse deserve to navigate the BIOS menus perfectly. However before, once Windows starts loading, about partway via the "starting windows" display, the lights on the kb and mouse turn off and I deserve to no much longer click anypoint.

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The tough drive I'm booting from (the SSD) has already been supplied in my old computer system. I THINK this might be the difficulty, however I don't have the installation disk any type of even more, so I'd favor to have a fresh install as a last retype.

What perform I do?


You tried the USB ports that are 2.0 and also it still didn't work? The non-blue ones commonly at the peak of the board, or closes to the PS2 port wright here the old type k+m plugged right into.

If that doesn't perform it does it occupational in safe mode? Not certain what OS you are making use of, either mash F8 (W7) or hold change on startup (W10) to obtain to safemode. You might need a driver install.

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I had actually this issue too other than it randomly started after using the computer for around 1 year. I finished up just reinstalling Windows. However smart me had no ago ups. Nopoint vital on the computer system though.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Turns out my hardware wasn't compatible via a "legal" copy of Windows 7. I have actually Windows 10 from the keep, and also everything functions fine! My guess is the BIOS isn't compatible via older OSes

You need to develop an installation ISO via the USB vehicle drivers if you're installing Win7 out.php/781091-AMD-Ryzen-Win7-ISO-Guide

You likewise require this to obtain updates

dude, sometimes this concern is provocated by poor installation in the SO, attempt to reinstall home windows again

It's your old Windows installation on the drive. You can repair from an boot usb or disc, might check out if safe mode functions or reinstall windows preferably.

Edit : downfill an additional copy of your version of Windows if you can't uncover the disc. It's only your key that's important.

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