Keyboard acting weird windows 10

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Keyboard acts starray in Windows 10
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Asked 5 years, 1 month ago
Active 2 years, 9 months back
Viewed 24k times
I have actually a HP ProPublication with Windows 10.

My keyboard simply started acting super stselection. When I press specific secrets (shift, arrow tricks, and so on.), it acts weird; however, all the letter and also number secrets occupational fine.

I went to a lapheight repair shop now and also they sassist it seems to be a software problem.

They advised me to install Windows 7 instead of Windows 10 because they assumed the key-board driver in Windows 10 is defect or not compatible through my computer which came via Windows 7 pre-mounted.

The weird thing is that it worked for a long time without any type of troubles, but all of a sudden it quit working. I had my computer turned off for some days and all of a sudden, the keyboard was earlier to normal without any problems. But it lasted only for a couple hrs.

I have tried to adjust keyboard input language, and also it seems to adjust the behavior of the keys; however, it is still not as it is expected to be.

I have tried reinstalling motorists, however it states that it already has actually the the majority of up to date drivers installed.

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What deserve to I perform to find out what"s wrong? And what have the right to I carry out to repair it? Due to the fact that it appears to not work-related to ssuggest replace the key-board, I have actually really no principle what to carry out.

I don"t have actually a Windows 7 CD, so I do not understand just how to downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7.


When I press SHIFT, my computer system will certainly immediately go one line down and highlight, so it appears that it presses the dvery own arrowhead key while it holds the shift button.

If I press best arrowhead key, the display screen rotates just prefer if I press ALT GR + RIGHT on a normal computer system.

If I press CTRL in a web browser window, it zooms out, so it shows that the minus/hyphen crucial is being pressed.

I have checked on-display keyboard, and also it seems no secrets are actually being pressed, so I don"t understand why it acts favor this.

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And as abovementioned, some of the keys" stvariety actions readjust to one more strange habits if I use another keyboard input language.