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I built my initially desktop on Monday, and because then I've been getting "Kernel Security Check Failure" randomly, around when or twice a day. I've searched virtual and via old short articles on this board but nopoint has functioned so much (updated all my vehicle drivers, even tried rolling earlier some of my graphics card drivers). I've checked out from previous posts that minidumps have the right to be beneficial for diagnosing these issues, you have the right to discover mine here:

I'm running Windows 10, via an MSI H110M Gaming, Intel Core i5, RX 480 8GB; happy to answer any various other concerns about my build if crucial.

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Thanks in advance!

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4 years ago · edited 4 years ago
In the 4 dumps you posted the interrupt was led to by MRVW24C.sys.

This seems to be your Marvell wireless somepoint (the wireless card I assume).

So whatever you have from them, go to their website, grab the newest driver.

Then go into the device manager, go to their Adapter/Card.

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Doubleclick it and also chech under the Drivers tab and also tright here under driver details that it is MRVW24C.sys

Once you found that one and obtained the driver prepared for a fresh install on the disk you uninstall the old one. If tright here is a box that states "delete from this computer" or something along those lines make certain you have actually that one schosen.

Also keep uninstalling till all variation of the driver are gone.

Then reinstall the new one.

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Initial Poster4 years ago

Thanks for the thorough reply! Device manager is showing that .sys file under my wireless card. I've just been online and also it doesn't look prefer my card has actually vehicle drivers for home windows 10 (I mounted it from a disk) - presumably this is the issue? So I guess I need to gain a new netjob-related adapter...

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