Kernel mode driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered

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Nvidia is famous for its ultra-powerful graphics cards, particularly in the gaming neighborhood.

However, some users have been complaining that they have actually been having actually concerns via some of their devices:
I am having a trouble where if I use my graphics generally, playing video, music, or any type of various other graphics intensive activity, my computer will, more regularly than not, black screen for around 3-8 minutes and also then come earlier. A mechanism message pops up saying:

Display driver Nvidia Windows Kernel Setting driver, (whatever driver version I have) has actually stopped responding and also has successfully recovered.

This concern is not that unwidespread, so many users have actually tried the majority of services until eventually, some stood out as being able to fix this worry.

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We’ve compiled a list of every one of these remedies, and arranged them in a step-by-step manner so you have the right to understand also them simpler.

How deserve to I solve the Nvidia Kernel Mode Driver error?

1. Reinstall your Nvidia drivers

Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)You should create a gain back point in case points go wrongRun Display Driver Uninstaller.exeIt is preferable if your launch in Safe ModeClick Reboot to Safe mode and follow the instructionsReboot your PC

Drivers are crucial for system performance. Find all graphics motorists here!

2. Disable Windows Visual Enhancements

Press Windows + RType in sysdm.cpl and press EnterThis will open System PropertiesGo to the Advanced tabUnder Performance, click SettingsCheck next to Adjust for best performanceAll sub-entries will be unchecked, go and also check these 3 entries again:Smooth edges of display screen fontsSmooth-scroll list boxesUse drop shadows for symbol labels on the desktopClick Apply, then OKReboot your PC


3. Set PhysX configuration

Right-click an empty location of your desktopSelect the Nvidia Control Panel from the menuExpand 3D settingsSelect Set PhysX configurationLook over the PhysX Settings dropdownChange Auto-select with your Graphics Card 

4. Turn off Vertical Sync

Right-click an empty location of your desktopSelect the Nvidia Control Panel from the menuExpand Manage 3D settingsLook under I would like to use the complying with 3D settingsFind the Vertical sync settingsClick on it, and then select Off or Force Off

5. Regisattempt Fix

Press Windows + RType in regedit, and also press EnterThis will open the Regisattempt EditorGo to the adhering to Regisattempt KeyHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDriversRight-click on GraphicsDrivers Select New > DWORD (32-bit) valueGive this DWORD the name TdrDelaySet the value to 8Click OK

Do you uncover the regisattempt Editor to be too complicated? Check out these simplified alternatives!

6. Tweak Web Explorer

You get the error while looking with Internet Explorer, then you have to make some tweaks.

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Launch Internet ExplorerClick on Settings (the cog button)Select Internet OptionsGo to AdvancedCheck the Use software rendering rather of GPU checkbox

By complying with these measures, you need to have the ability to get rid of any Nvidia Kernel Mode Driver errors.